Billy Syahputra reveals his chronology of being robbed, here’s a photo of the perpetrator

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Uploaded by Billy Syahputra.  Photo: Instagram

Bad news came from Billy Syahputra, who had just been robbed. The younger brother of the late Olga was forced to lose his motorbike at his own residence. Billy’s staff who were at home admitted that the keys and motor vehicle registration were still in the house when the incident took place.

From CCTV camera monitoring, the theft occurred in the morning around 06:44 WIB. However, Billy realized that the time on CCTV was 1 hour later, so the actual incident was estimated to have occurred at 05:44 WIB. According to Billy, there were two perpetrators who had been back and forth in front of his house.

“I saw the CCTV, it happened at 06:44. At 06:44, at 06:45 it happened. So specifically, guys, the motorbike at home is gone, you could say. There were two young people who took entry into this complex. My question is, this is a residential complex whose security is actually tight, thank God. And if, for example, there are guests from outside, they must be asked where they are from, where they are going,” he said, quoted from Billy Syahputra’s YouTube channel on Sunday, (03/10/21).

Before the theft, Billy Syahputra revealed that the young man seemed to be watching several houses in the area where he lived.

“Young people walk back and forth 3 times in front of the house, look at the house here, the front house 2 continues to have a motorbike and it’s immediately brushed.”

Uploaded by Billy Syahputra. Photo: Instagram

“At 6 past 10, he was pacing in front of the house. Then he went to the park past the security post. From there, in front of the house, the car came, then left again. Not long after that he came in again, the person came again.”

Billy also admitted that he wanted to resolve this issue amicably with the local security officers.

“Yeah, I just want everything to be okay. clear-clear just. I just wanted to give you some advice so this doesn’t happen again. What do you want? Free. I’m angry that happened too. Behind all this there must be a lesson, and maybe those who saw this vlog know the suspect or the person.”

Through his personal Instagram page, Billy also had time to consider whether to take this case to court or not.

Billy Syahputra.  Photo: YouTube In The Kost Net
Billy Syahputra. Photo: YouTube In The Kost Net
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