Child Victim Nia Daniaty Denies Statement of IDR 25 Million for Civil Service Lessons – Latest Celeb News

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Some time ago, Olivia Nathania, who is the son of an old singer Nia Daniaty, denied having committed fraud with the selection mode for Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS).

He said that the Rp 25 million was used as tuition registration fees to be able to enter CPNS, and not to become civil servants directly by replacing people who had died.

Olivia Nathania’s statement was strongly denied by one of the victims named Agustin. He said that Olivia Nathania promised them to enter the civil service without going through a test at all.

“There is no guide. I need to emphasize that the substitute achievement path is not a test like people from the beginning of the regular test, what is meant by the replacement according to him is replacing someone who has died due to Covid. Some may be involved in drugs or something. So we are the people who have the money, we will replace it, that’s the agreement,” said Agustin, one of the victims, at Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta.

Even so, Agustin said that there is a process that must be carried out by CNPS candidates. So that it cannot suddenly enter and still have to wait for the Decision Letter.

“Yes, there is a process of course. There is a process later, after the file is submitted, the money is handed over to BKN, it will be screened, according to him, like that, we are waiting for further information. Now, further information, because it was delayed by COVID, even the pure regular ones were delayed, in the end, it was the same, then we received the decree made in November. My own nephew, I myself received the first invitation letter, official note, and received the decree,” he said.

Agustin also doesn’t speak casually and has already pocketed evidence that Nia Daniaty’s children have promised them to be able to become CPNS members and there is no tutoring or tutoring for CPNS.

“I have proven that it was a chat from Olivia who offered me. ‘Ma’am, does anyone want to join cpns or not?’ It’s obvious. I immediately replied ‘yes, my child’ I asked really can? ‘I’m 4 years old and this is my 5th year’ he said. That means the one who offers is Olivia,” he concluded.

As is known, Olivia Nathania was reported to the Polda Metro Jaya for a case of alleged fraud with the selection mode for Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS). The number of victims of Olivia’s fraud is quite a lot, reaching 225 with a total loss estimated at Rp 9.7 billion.

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