Don’t want to be invited to be delicious, Nunung’s husband, dark eyes, kills the comfort woman

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Soko (57), was arrested by the police on suspicion of killing a woman named Karmila (53) in Wonogiri, Central Java on Sunday (27/6/2021). The married man was arrested in front of Gubeng Station, Surabaya on Monday (28/6/2021). The case began when N (40) found a bloodied corpse in the kitchen of his house in Tegalrejo Village, Purwantoro District, Wonogiri on Sunday afternoon.

At that time N had just returned from his mother’s house. When he got home, his house was locked and he opened the door with a spare key. He was surprised when he saw lots of blood on the floor of his house. Suspicious, she immediately looks for her husband, Soko. N shouted when in the kitchen he found a figure lying face down covered in blood.

She thought it was her husband. N immediately asked neighbors for help.

From the results of the crime scene, the police found coir with bloodstains. Not only that, the police also found a broken gold necklace and a gold ring. The body had stab wounds to the front of the neck. There was also a torn wound on the left side of the back and a tear on the left side of the head to the jaw. From the autopsy, the corpse was not N’s husband, but a woman known as Karmila.

The results of the police examination, Karmila works as a prostitute at Purwantoro Market.

The police also conducted an investigation and the suspect in the murder was Soko, N’s husband, the owner of the house. Soko was arrested in Surabaya and he was taken to the Wonogiri Police Station. Paur Humas Wonogiri Police Aipda Iwan Sumarsono said Suko had the heart to kill Karmila because the victim refused to be invited to have sex. In fact, the perpetrator had already given Rp. 300,000 to the victim.

“So the motive while the victim was asked to go on a date did not want to. Then the perpetrator was hurt because he felt that he had given him approximately Rp. 300,000 to the victims,” ​​said Iwan. From this case, the police secured a machete, a sickle, a cellphone belonging to the victim brought by the perpetrator, and a cellphone belonging to the perpetrator. “Our suspect was arrested after the day before he killed a comfort woman,” said Iwan.



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