Having another son, this is the first letter of the name of Baim Wong’s second child – Paula Verhoeven

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Baim Womg and Paula Verhoeven (Dok tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven are expecting their second child. Entering the age of nine months of pregnancy, several candidate names have been prepared for the child who is expected to be born soon.

Paula Verhoeven said that one of the candidates whose initials were the same as the name of their first child, Kiano Tiger Wong. From the ultrasound results last June, Paula announced the gender of her second child to be a boy.

Already (prepare name). (Initials) K,” said Paula, quoted from the Rans Entertainment YouTube channel, Sunday (3/9).

It’s just that Paula continued that he and Baim didn’t necessarily give a name with the initials K. Because he still had several other candidate names.

Already there are several choices (names), I just haven’t decided which one yet,” he said on the sidelines of a maternity photo shoot with Aurel, Lesti, and Nagita Slavina.

Baim Womg and Paula Verhoeven (Dok 1NEWS)

Learning from the name Kiano Tiger Wong, this time he admitted that he was more relaxed. At that time, the name Kiano had just emerged after birth. Even then, Paula was forced to relent when Baim chose the name Tiger. He admitted that he was lazy to argue.

“Kiano’s name was also hotly debated when Kiano was born. After a long time, he was lazy to debate, didn’t he? already Yes, yes,” said Paula.

Paula Verhoeven married Baim on November 22, 2018. Their happiness was even more complete after Kiano was born on December 27, 2019.



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