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To deal with changing conditions, lecturers need to be equipped with skills that support the smooth learning process

Dreams – Educators in Indonesia are required to be creative and keep up with the times. Learning methods must also be adapted to technological developments.

In addition, the ongoing pandemic conditions have made it difficult for many lecturers to adapt to the online lecture system.

To deal with this change, lecturers need to be equipped with skills that support the smooth learning process.

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Supporting the improvement of the quality of educators, Paragon provides training to lecturers through: Inspiring Lecturer by Paragon.

A total of 306 lecturers participated in this program which is expected to be the main driver of the education ecosystem in Indonesia.

“Lucky to join this agenda. Hopefully Paragon and ILP can also accommodate until they really exist outcome from all of us, be it international papers, collaborative books, collaborative community service, and other collaborations,” said Nurul Fauziyyah, one of the participating lecturers at the Inspiring Lecturer by Paragon virtual graduation ceremony.

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One Approach

In this program, one of the topics raised is “NLP as Strengthening Lecturer Coaching at the Merdeka Campus”.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

NLP studies a person’s internal structure and how that structure can be designed for purposes that benefit the person. This approach is intended to improve coaching skills for students while on campus.

Because, often many students are confused about the purpose of college. With this coaching, lecturers can direct and guide students to better understand themselves and find their purpose in life.

“Coaching can explore the potential of students and ourselves. We consider them as partners for discussion. Students became very enthusiastic. Hopefully coaching will add inspiration to strengthen the nation’s children for the leadership relay in the future,” said Dr. Ir. Indra Jaya, MM, Lecturer at the Darmajaya Institute of Informatics and Business.

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Inviting Students to Judge from Their Perspective

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The NLP approach invites students to learn and be free to judge based on their point of view, not the lecturer’s point of view.

“Coaching is very different from mentoring and teaching. Coaching will help students to think and find their best potential through empowering provocative questions,” said Hingdranata Nikolay, Master Trainer of NLP.

Coaching can be successful if the lecturer has built student confidence in the skills of clarifying and reframing the direction of students’ thinking. By implementing coaching and NLP, lecturers can carry out teaching and learning activities that are more effective in empowering students without being seen as patronizing.

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Inspiring Lecturer by Paragon

Paragon also hopes that the end of the series of Inspiring Lecturers by Paragon will not make this program stop, but will instead be the beginning of the birth of many changes and inspiring works initiated by lecturers.

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“After graduating, try to study again like first day mentality. In this way we can foster a coaching culture on campus,” said Salman Subakat, CEO of PT Paragon Technology and Innovation on the same occasion.

Meanwhile, after the inauguration of the graduation, ILP alumni lecturers will be united in a community called Inspiring Lecturer, a vehicle that drives the birth of agents of change on campus.

Book “ Anthology Inspiring Lecturer by Paragon” which was also released at the end of the graduation ceremony became blueprint of the ongoing ILP program. That way, this program can continue to inspire and provide benefits to educators and the wider community. (mut)

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