Lesti Kejora says her child will be born in late January or early February

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Rizky Billar and Lesti (Ari/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Lesti Kejora revealed the prediction of the birth of her first child in front of Nagita Slavina and Aurel Hermansyah. In the video circulating on a number of gossip accounts, Lesti will give birth first than Aurel Hermansyah.

“Dede (gives birth) first,” said Lesti Kejora, quoted from the @lambegossip account.

“Dede first (born), then me. I’m the smallest,” said Aurel Hermansyah.

Lesti had time to ask about the birth plan of Aurel Hermansyah’s child. Lesti then said that she would give birth in the period from late January to early February 2022.

“Kak Loly means February, right?,” asked Lesti Kejora to Aurel Hermansyah.

“February if not early March,” Aurel replied.

“Dede, if not in early February, late January,” he continued.

Rizky Billar officially married Lesti Kejora on August 19, 2021. Their wedding took place magnificently at the Intercontinental Hotel, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

However, recently Rizky Billar said that he and Lesti Kejora had already had a serial marriage earlier this year. Along with the announcement, Billar said that Lesti was pregnant.

The news of Rizky Billar’s and Lesti Billar’s marriage has recently reaped the pros and cons. A number of parties deplore their dishonesty regarding unregistered marriages. The East Java Indonesian Youth Congress (KPI) even plans to file a complaint against Billar and Lesti for lying to the public.


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