Nikita Mirzani allegedly insinuating Lesti, Indra Bekti: If an artist is sarcastic, that’s his right

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Iindra Bekti, Irfan Hakim and Lesti Kejora photo: Instagram

The well-known presenter Indra Bekti gave his response about Nikita Mirzani who allegedly satirized Lesti Kejora. According to Bekti, what Nikmir did was his right. Nevertheless, Bekti hopes that no one will be satirized and respond to Nikmir.

“Perhaps if there is an artist who is sarcastic, yes, once again, that is his right. Maybe if you say something like that and it turns out that there is a rumor going in that direction, I hope that no one is offended. If someone feels it, there’s no need to respond,” he told reporters on Sunday (3/10/21).

Indra Bekti also revealed that Nikita Mirzani did not necessarily mention Lesti Kejora. According to him, it could just be the act of netizens who are suja connecting.

“Because he said that he was finally contacted, that’s why netizens must be compatible, right, they were contacted with each other.”

Indra Bekti also expressed his hope that there would be no commotion between any parties.

Iindra Bekti, Irfan Hakim and Lesti Kejora photo: Instagram

“Don’t let a commotion arise, don’t let it end up being a misunderstanding, miscommunication, right? Suddenly pointing at each other…. Don’t get into a polemic again, as long as it doesn’t go that way… Yes, for Leslar, just be patient, if you’re at the top, the test will get tougher, right? But you guys are patient, respond as wisely as possible.”

Nikita Mirzani’s response is called sarcasm Lesti

Nikita Mirzani, Lesti Kejora.  Photo: Instagram
Nikita Mirzani, Lesti Kejora. Photo: Instagram

Artist and presenter Nikita Mirzani expressed his frustration with Lesti Kejora fans. As is known, Nikita previously mentioned the hijab woman who got pregnant first. The post was then interpreted to be satirical to Lesti Kejora.

Nikita Mirzani emphasized that he did not mention Lesti at all and offended Rizky Billar’s wife. Nikita even admitted that he would come to Lesti Kejora directly to rebuke his excessive fans.

“No one’s talking about Lesti here, you’re crazy. Don’t go crazy, then I’ll scold Lesti, the fans are like this. No one is talking about Lesti here, huh… Nothing has anything to do with her. You blaspheme me, I came to the artist. I told the fans to shut up. Don’t mess around, okay?” he said.

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