Similar to Rogerio Ceni, the Goalkeeper of the Papua PON Team Scores a Brilliant Free Kick

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“If you know Rogerio Ceni, this goal is very similar. Free kick. Check the video!”

1NEWS – Even though it is only an amateur event, the football match at the 2021 Papua National Sports Week (PON) also displays spectacular action. One of them was shown by the Papuan goalkeeper, John Pigai, against NTT at the Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, Sunday (3/10/2021). The owner of the number 90 jersey imitates Rogerio Ceni.

For those of you who follow Latin American football, Ceni is no stranger. The former Sao Paolo captain is known as a goalkeeper who likes to execute set pieces, and successfully becomes a goal.

To this day Ceni is still considered one of the greatest Brazilian goalkeepers of all time. In fact, recognized directly by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) as the goalkeeper who has scored the most goals in history.

Ceni’s professional career spanned 25 years with 1,257 professional club matches. He won 20 major titles, including three Brazilian Leagues, two Copa Libertadores and the 2005 Club World Cup. He also scored 131 goals during his career, with most of them coming from free kicks and penalties and another coming from open play.

Ceni also represented Brazil 18 times during his career. He was part of the team that won the 2002 World Cup and 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup. He also took part in the 2006 World Cup.

Ceni’s skill in scoring goals was imitated by the Papuan goalkeeper at PON 2021. When he beat NTT 4-0, Pigai actually got the opportunity to score from the penalty spot in the 69th minute. Unfortunately, his shot can still be parried.

However, this failure did not make Pigai lose the right to execute set pieces. In the second half injury time at 2-0, Papua got a direct free kick around the penalty area. Pigai confidently goes forward.

Without hesitation, Pigai took a stance using his left foot. The ball was then kicked through the posse of NTT and plunged into the NTT goal. The goalkeeper could only pensively see Pigai’s kick that felt like Ceni.

Uniquely, after Pigai scored a goal, Papua completed a 4-0, one minute before dispersal through Rafiko Nawipa. With this victory, Papua confirmed itself as the leader of Group A and qualified for the next round.

(andri ananto/you)

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