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Fiorentina director still refuses to explain Vlahovic future

Fiorentina director Joe Barone is still not ready to provide more detailed comments on the development of the contract extension plan for La Viola’s mainstay striker, Dusan Vlahovic.

Despite choosing to stay at Fiorentina this season, the future of Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic remains a question mark. The forward still has a contract until 2023 but next year La Viola could be in a difficult situation as he will be in the last year of his contract and if he doesn’t sign a new contract the striker may choose to wait for the opportunity to become a free agent when his term ends.

Because of this, Fiorentina are trying hard to offer a new contract for Vlahovic, but unfortunately until now the striker has not agreed to an offer from his club. The situation that occurred even had time to make the president of La Viola, Rocco Commisso admitted that he was a little annoyed because he felt that he had made a high bid for the player but the response was not yet clear.

Since the statement from the president, it turns out that there has been no significant change in Vlahovic’s status because the club’s director, Joe Barone, still refuses to provide an explanation of the situation. In his interview with DAZN, Barone only said that they had already made a very decent offer to Vlahovic and the proposal had been around for the last few months.

However, because Fiorentina face Napoli this weekend, the director is reluctant to provide news that is not related to the match because he does not want to disturb the team’s concentration. But the statement regarding the contract that has been prepared for Vlahovic again gives a hint that until now the bomber is still not willing to accept an offer from La Viola.

According to the news, the high offer of a release clause proposed by Fiorentina is one of the main reasons why an extension is difficult to implement. The young Vlahovic seems to have started thinking about his future and wants to know if his team will be able to develop during his tenure or not.

Vlahovic of course also wants to be able to play in a big team that always has the opportunity to chase the title every season. He didn’t want to rush into extending his contract and was bound to find it difficult to leave when the opportunity suddenly came.

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