The story of Bryan Roy, the Dutch legend threatens to kill PM Mark Rutte because of the Covid-19 conspiracy theory

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“Threatening the leader of any country around the world is definitely dealing with the police.”

1NEWS – The Covid-19 pandemic has frustrated many people, thought strangely, and not a few associated it with conspiracy theories. One who believes in that is the legend of the Netherlands and Nottingham Forest, Bryan Roy. In fact, he had to deal with the authorities after threatening the Dutch PM, Mark Rutte.

Bryan Edward Steven Roy was born in Amsterdam, February 20, 1970. He started his professional playing career at Ajax Amsterdam in 1987 and won the 1991/1992 UEFA Cup.

In November 1992, Roy was sold to Italian club Foggia. During his time there, he performed well and was selected to represent his country at the 1994 World Cup alongside great players such as Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Ronald Koeman, Frank and Ronald de Boer, to Frank Rijkaard. In the tournament in the United States (US), Roy scored one goal when the Netherlands against Morocco.

After the World Cup, Roy moved to England after Nottingham paid £2.5 million to Foggia. At City Ground, Roy forges a strategic partnership with Stan Collymore. He helped the newly promoted team qualify for the UEFA Cup.

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Collymore was then sold to Liverpool in the summer of 1995 and Roy suffered a number of injuries which resulted in disappointing performances in 1996/1997. After Nottingham was relegated, Roy moved to Germany to defend Hertha Berlin. Then, in 2000, he returned to his homeland and joined NAC Breda. There, he lasted until he hung up his boots in 2002.

Having come out of retirement briefly in 2004 to defend Workington, Roy then switched professions to become a coach. He joined the Ajax Academy as a junior coaching staff, but was not very successful.

Long gone from the news, Roy then appeared when Covid-19 hit the world and social restrictions were imposed everywhere, including the Netherlands. During the pandemic, Roy was active on social media by spreading various conspiracy theories through Twitter.

In October 2020, Roy tweeted a threat to journalist Chris Klomp, who publicly criticized the spread of Covid-19 conspiracy theories. Subsequently, in April 2021, Roy replied to a tweet about PM Rutte, stating that PM Rutte would soon be shot in the head.

Short writing that has a fatal impact. As is the case all over the world, including Indonesia, the Netherlands, or the United States (US), threats to national leaders, even if they are only joking, get a strong response from local security forces.

As a result of his writing, Roy was interrogated by the Dutch National Police. Then, Roy was brought before the court.

At trial, Roy was found guilty of threatening PM Rutte and sentenced to 80 hours of community service under two years probation. If Roy violates his probation, he will have to serve a four-week prison sentence.

The sentence was lighter than the prosecutor demanded. The reason, Roy was actually sentenced to 10 weeks in prison without social work or probation. That’s because Roy did the same thing last year against Klomp.

“I know where you live now. We sleep at night, you just don’t,” Roy threatened to the journalist. However, Klomp’s status as a non-leader of the state makes the police unable to act if the person concerned does not file a claim.

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