Trauma of marriage, Denny Sumargo’s view is immediately different after meeting Olivia Alan

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1NEWS – Denny Sumargo officially married Olivia Alan on November 21, 2020 at Green Forest, Bandung, West Java. They got married after a few months of dating. In fact, Denny was traumatized to be married because he failed to marry three times.

So what makes Denny Sumargo sure to move forward with Olivia Alan. It is known that since his marriage to Dita Soedarjo was canceled, Denny Soemargo did not want to share his love story.

The 5 cm film player revealed that since getting to know Olivia Allan many views about marriage in his mind have changed.

“My wife, because she is a blessing from God. Removing that worry from her, how she treats, behaves, and her character completes me,” said Denny Sumargo to reporters in the West Jakarta area recently.

During her acquaintance before formalizing the relationship, Olivia Alan was considered by Denny Sumargo to give her extra attention.

“I feel like I can support him, he can accept the bastards of the cave. Honestly, actually, my stigma about marriage is heavy, but at my wedding it turned out not to be, because my wife and I can complement each other,” said Denny Sumargo.

Olivia Alan is also considered a special woman in the eyes of Denny Sumargo. They have a lot in common and finally make Denny Sumargo feel comfortable with Olivia, and vice versa.

“My wife is quite mature and I have my own way. Finally, we became compact because we just gave in to each other,” concluded Denny Sumargo.

Olivia Alan is a businesswoman, born in Jakarta and has lived in Australia. Olivia admitted that she had only met Denny a year before the wedding. However, the two had known each other for two years before they met.


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