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Tukul Condition After Brain Bleeding Surgery: Already Awake, Responding to `Ehem-Ehem`

Dream – After undergoing brain hemorrhage surgery, Tukul Arowana’s condition is reported to have gradually improved. Although still unable to communicate, this senior comedian is able to respond and move his limbs.

“Alhamdulillah, it has gradually improved. We are able to respond, we can respond from the eyes, we can all move our hands. That’s what we can update,” said Riski Kimon, Tukul manager at the PON Hospital, Jakarta, Friday, September 24, 2021.

According to Kimon, Tukul is currently in a conscious state even though he is still unable to respond when communicating.

“He is still conscious, still ‘ahem-ehem’ like that. Still conscious,” he said.

Unfortunately, Kimon could not provide further explanation regarding Tukul’s condition, which is known to have bleeding in the brain. Kimon reasoned that technical matters related to Tukul’s health condition were more appropriate to ask the hospital.

“If it’s technically us, I personally can’t explain, at least later the doctor, the PON hospital will explain. I can only update,” he said.

Previously, the management of the National Brain Center Hospital confirmed that the bleeding in the brain experienced by Tukul Arowana had no correlation with the effect of the Covid-19 vaccination. The hospital confirmed that there was no scientific evidence showing the effects of the vaccine could trigger a stroke.

However, the management of the PON Hospital confirmed that it could not explain in detail Tukul’s health condition because it was bound by the medical secret provisions of the patients being treated. (Legitimate)

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