Untidied, Tuti-Amel’s tomb is left in a mess after being dismantled – 1NEWS

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Grave Digging Illustration.  Ist's photo.

After asking permission from the family, the Subang Police, West Java finally ordered local gravediggers to dismantle the tombs of Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika Ratu who were killed in the trunk of a luxury vehicle. So, what is the current condition of the tomb after it was dismantled?

It is known that the grave digger assigned to dismantle the tombs of Tuti and Amel, Wahyana said, the excavation process was carried out on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 14.00 WIB to 14.30 WIB. He made sure, in the process, there were no significant obstacles.

“First dig at 2, finished about half past three. The (tomb) that was dismantled by the mother, then the child,” said Waryana, quoted by Hops, Sunday, October 3, 2021.

Grave Digging Illustration. Ist’s photo.

After the tomb was dismantled and the two bodies raised, the team from the police immediately carried out the autopsy process. Reportedly, it takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the entire series.

“The first Mrs. Tuti, the two children, one by one. After the mother finished, she immediately buried again, then dug up the child’s grave directly, “he explained.

However, after the entire process was completed, the tomb was no longer tidied up or left in a mess. In fact, it was confiscated from the Tribune, until this news was published, no one had reorganized the grave.

Worse yet, the tombstones of Tuti and Amel were not installed in their original place, aka lying just like that. In fact, the realignment should be done immediately after the demolition.

The condition of Tuti Amalia’s body according to the grave digger

It is known that after being buried for 45 days, the police finally decided to return the bodies of Tuti and Amel with the family’s blessing. The police, consisting of forensics from the National Police Headquarters, conducted a re-autopsy on the two victims of the case of depriving the lives of mothers and children in Subang Regency, West Java.

After being removed, their bodies were placed on a table that had been prepared for an autopsy to be carried out directly at the tomb. According to Wahyana’s testimony, he and five other residents who were digging smelled the pungent smell of rotting bodies.

“The condition is rotting and emitting a pungent odor,” said Wahyana.

Tomb of Tuti and Amel.  Ist's photo.
Tomb of Tuti and Amel. Ist’s photo.

Furthermore, Wahyana ensured that he did not directly see the autopsy process carried out by the police. Because, after digging and lifting the body, he was instructed to get out of the tent that was installed above the grave.

“I can’t (see), I have lifted it to the table and then left, after the autopsy has been completed, it is immediately buried again,” said Wahyana.

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