3 affordable hit local sneaker brands, Ventela has been protested by Vans

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For you guys sneAkers head, surely knows that local brands are also worthy of collection.

It’s not just branded sneakers that are worth hunting down. Several local brands have produced cool sneakers at affordable prices. Here are three of them.


For those of you who like classic sneakers, it’s really fitting to look at Ventela. The brand, which was founded in 2017 by William Ventela, offers various models such as hi-top sneakers, low sneakers, and slip on. This brand also cooperates with Gading Marten to collaborate together.

Priced between Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 400 thousand, Ventela uses good quality canvas material that is soft to wear and has strong durability. This brand claims its products are comfortable and soft to wear because the insole is technological ultralite foam.

Photo: Doc. Ventela

This brand has been protested by Vans because of the Ventela Retro design which is said to be similar to Vans Old Skool from its silhouette and line accents. Vendela has clarified this when the design has been registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.


Another local sneaker brand that offers good quality at affordable prices is Aerostreet. This brand was founded by Adhitya Caesarico and Yohan Fransiska who wanted their products to be purchased by all people to remote parts of Indonesia.

Photo: doc.Aerostreet

That’s why, Hopers, the price offered is also very affordable. Existing from 2006, the price range of Aerostreet ranges from Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 90 thousand. The models chosen are also varied, from classic models to contemporary streetwear.


Attached to the Japanese-style name and model, many do not think that Wakai is made in Indonesia. Indeed, this brand is inspired by Japanese culture, which emphasizes clean and functional cuts.

Photo: doc. Wakai

Initially Wakai was synonymous with slip-on shoes with box ends. Uniquely, most of the collections are unisex. Recently, Wakai has started exploring various models, including sneakers.

Wakai’s shoes feel light and comfortable to wear with a fairly affordable price range, starting from Rp. 300 thousand. Wakai also issued a special collection for children that was very cute.

So, which local sneakers are your favourites?

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