4 Facts and Portraits of Joy Tobing’s Husband, Colonel Cahyo Permono

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4 Portraits and Interesting Facts of Colonel Cahyo Permono, Joy Tobing's Husband

The figure of Joy Tobing’s husband recently grabbed attention. The famous Indonesian singer was recently married to a member of the TNI with the rank of colonel named Cahyo Permono.

On Saturday (25/9), the two got married. Launch page Tempo, The Indonesian Idol dropout from the first season expressed his happiness at the wedding that was held.

However, many do not know who Joy Tobing’s husband is. Therefore, this time we will discuss interesting facts about Colonel Cahyo Permono. Launching various sources, listen to the end, yes!

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Facts and Portraits of Joy Tobing’s Second Husband, Colonel Cahyo Permono

1. Joy Tobing and Husband Have Been Single for 8 Years

As is known, Joy Tobing was previously married to Daniel Sinambela. Initially, his second marriage had become a byword because it was said that his parents did not approve of him.

From this marriage, he was blessed with a son who was born on February 7, 2011 named Joshua Miracle Hati Goran Bonagabe Sinambela. However, the marriage did not last long. In 2013, Joy and her first husband officially divorced.

Like Joy, Cahyo has been living as a widower for 8 years. He also has two children who grew up from a previous marriage. One of Cahyo’s children is known as Jonathan Permono

2. Joy Tobing’s husband holds the rank of Colonel CPN

4 Portraits and Interesting Facts of Colonel Cahyo Permono, Joy Tobing's Husband

Since his relationship with Joy Tobing became known to the public, the figure of Colonel Cahyo Permono has also been widely discussed. As explained earlier, Cahyo is not an ordinary citizen. He is a member of the TNI with the rank of colonel, to be precise Colonel CPN.

Currently, Cahyo works in the Indonesian Army Aviation Corps. He acts as a pilot in the Indonesian Army.

Joy Tobing’s husband was also known to have flown an Apache helicopter belonging to the Indonesian Army. The helicopter is the most sophisticated helicopter owned by the Indonesian Army. In 2018, he served as Commander of the 11th Squadron, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

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3. Have Education in the United States

4 Portraits and Interesting Facts of Colonel Cahyo Permono, Joy Tobing's Husband

In terms of military education, it turns out that Cahyo was educated in Uncle Sam’s country, the United States. He had studied at the Army Flight School, United States for almost 1 year. With his education, it’s no wonder he is believed to be able to operate the most sophisticated helicopter owned by the Indonesian Army, right!

4. Love Story to Marry Joy Tobing

4 Portraits and Interesting Facts of Colonel Cahyo Permono, Joy Tobing's Husband

Joy Tobing and Cahyo met on April 4, 2021. The two of them met by something unexpected.

Launch CNN Indonesia, After meeting, they both find a match for each other. The third day after the meeting, surprisingly, Cahyo also invited Joy to marry. After 5 months of knowing each other, the two of them are steadily stepping into a more serious level.

This marriage was actually never expected by Joy Tobing. He admitted that he never imagined that he would return to having a partner after living alone for 8 years. He also considered this marriage as a gift from God.

“I can’t imagine a wedding made with such beautiful decorations. I’m like a princess. This is wonderful, a gift from God. Praise God, the blessing of our marriage went really extraordinary,” said Joy Tobing.

Even so, in terms of children, both of them are quite relaxed, in fact the two have never had a specific target.

“We leave everything to God. If God loves, praise God. Because now we have three important heroes happy, “said Joy, as reported by Kapanlagi.com.

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Here are some interesting facts about Joy Tobing’s husband. May their marriage last until death do them part!

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