40.4% Schools Are Not Ready To Face To Face, Bamsoet: No Need To Force

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ACCURATE.CO The Ministry of Education and Culture released data that 40.4 percent of schools were still not ready to carry out limited face-to-face learning (PTM). This was responded by the Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo.

He asked the central government and local governments not to force schools that are not ready to implement PTM.

“Considering that schools need the support of supporting facilities and infrastructure for school readiness to face the pandemic and especially the safety of educators and their own students, in addition to the government continuing to encourage vaccinations for teachers and students to immediately form group immunity,” he said in a written statement, Jakarta, Monday (4/10/2021).

According to him, the local government does not need to impose a school opening permit if the school does not meet the school opening requirements or health and safety standards. This is especially related to supporting infrastructure to mitigate Covid-19.

“Because the infrastructure is one of the important things for the smooth implementation of PTM,” he explained.

Bambang also reminded the government that it is necessary to increase supervision in order to minimize carelessness in implementing health procedures, which is the cause of Covid-19 transmission in schools while continuing to accelerate vaccination for school residents (educators and students).

“It is important to show the government’s commitment to be aware of the development of Covid-19 and to continue to conduct a thorough search in addition to taking anticipatory steps to prevent Covid-19 cases from occurring in the school environment or from causing new clusters of Covid-19,” he concluded. []


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