6 Lee Hye-ri’s Korean dramas apart from Reply 1988, must be on the watch list!

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Hyeri in Reply 1988. Photo: Pinterest

The name Lee Hye-ri is already familiar to Korean lovers because she has been in the entertainment world. Hyeri–her nickname–is a member of a girl group called Girl’s Day since 2010. Besides being good at singing and dancing, Hyeri is also good at acting. His name has repeatedly entered the posters of various popular Korean dramas.

Hyeri herself started her acting career at drama by playing the role of Jang Mi Hyun in the drama Tasty Life which aired in 2012. Lee Hye-ri’s name then soared thanks to her slick role in the phenomenal drama Reply 1988 which aired in 2015.

In Reply 1988, Hyeri played the role of Sung Deok Sun, the only girl among five friends who lived in an alley in Ssangmundong. A very slick role in the drama, captured the audience’s attention to Hyeri. He also received a number of awards thanks to his acting in Reply 1988. Anyway, Reply 1988 successfully made Hyeri soar!

Hyeri in Reply 1988. Photo: Pinterest

The success of the drama Reply 1988 made it difficult for fans to move on. Even in 2020, Reply 1988 was discussed again in the context of the 5 years the drama was on the air. Apparently, Hyeri was not only successful in Reply 1988, you know, a number of other dramas starring Lee Hye-ri were no less cool.

Here, Hops.ID provides 6 recommendations for Korean dramas starring Hyeri besides Reply 1988. For those who haven’t watched it, you can really add it to your watch list. What are they? Come on!

Tasty Life (2012)

Tasty Life Drama.  Photo: AsianWiki
Tasty Life Drama. Photo: AsianWiki

As already mentioned, Tasty Life is a drama where Hyeri made her acting debut. So, for those of you who haven’t seen the first Korean drama starring Hyeri, you can really watch Tasty Life. Or for those of you who have watched it, you can also rewatch it so you are nostalgic for 2012. Here Hyeri plays Jang Mi Hyun, a member of Han Bong Soon’s family. Tasty Life is a fairly long drama with a total of 39 episodes.

Hyde, Jekyll, And Me (2015)

Hyeri at Hyde Jekyll Me.  Photo: Twitter
Hyeri in Hyde, Jekyll And Me. Photo: Twitter

In this drama, Hyeri plays the role of Min Woo Jung who has an interest in Robin (Hyun Bin). Even though it doesn’t appear too often, Woo Jung and Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min)’s competition to get Robin can make those of us who watch excited. This drama has 20 episodes.

Entertainers (2016)

Hyeri at Entertainer.  Photo: SweetNara
Hyeri at Entertainer. Photo: SweetNara

In this drama, Hyeri is paired with actor Ji Sung. Ji Sung’s character, Suk Ho, is an entertainment director who leaves a large agency to form his own company. Hyeri plays Geu Rin, the older sister of Jo Ha Neul (Kang Min Hyuk) who is the manager of the Entertainer Band.

Two Cops (2017)

Hyeri at Two Cops.  Photo: Allkpop
Hyeri at Two Cops. Photo: Allkpop

In the drama Two Cops, Lee Hye-ri collided with two handsome men, namely Jo Jung Suk and Kim Seon Ho. Hyeri plays a persistent rookie reporter. Two Cops is a fantasy investigative drama about a detective who is possessed by a deceitful spirit. The element of romantic comedy between the two main characters makes this drama even more interesting.

Miss Lee (2019)

Hyeri at Miss Lee.  Photo: Soompi
Hyeri at Miss Lee. Photo: Soompi

This drama tells the story of the missing chairman of the Cheongil Electronics company. Hyeri’s character, Lee Sun Shim, becomes the next president. The company is about to go bankrupt, and Sun Shim must do his best to turn things around.

My Rommate is A Gumiho (2021)

Hyeri in My Roomate is A Gumiho.  Photo: InkiStyle
Hyeri in My Roomate is A Gumiho. Photo: InkiStyle

My Rommate is A Gumiho tells the story of a college student, Lee Dam (Hyeri) who accidentally swallows a handsome gumiho bead. The two then have to live together until they find a solution to their problem. In this drama, Lee Hye-ri collided with Shin Woo Yeo who played the character Jang Ki Yong.

Those were the 6 Korean dramas starring Lee Hye-ri. So, which one will be on your watch list?

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