7 Ways to Overcome a Shy and Quiet Child at School

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shy child at school and quiet

Adapting to a new environment is not an easy thing to do, including for our children. There are times when children become shy at school, especially when they are first entering.

Comfort is needed so that your little one can communicate and socialize smoothly with friends and teachers at school. And this requires a long process.

As a parent, Parents must actively participate in helping children so that they are no longer shy at school. Because, if this condition continues, it is feared that your child will experience problems in socializing skills.

Launch page rhodesschools.org, here are some ways you can do it Parents do to help overcome shy children participate in school.

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7 Ways to Help Overcome a Shy Child at School

1. Consult with Teachers at School

Every teacher has experience in dealing with children with different personalities. Usually teachers will gather sufficient experience on how best to integrate shy children into daily activities at school.

Teachers will be better at helping shy kids at school if they know about it early on. Teachers can pay more attention to children and continue to guide children to be more expressive and participatory in school.

Communication between parents and teachers is very important for a child’s development. Parents You can sit down with the teacher and compare your child’s behavior at home and at school to get a better idea of ​​why your child acts the way they do.

2. Bring Elements of Home That Your Child Interests in School

shy kid at school

Let your little one bring something he likes at home to school. If it’s an interest they enjoy at home, allow them to take it to school too.

For example, if your child is passionate about art, let them take some of their home-made work to school and share with their classmates. Let the teacher at school know some of the things the child is interested in.

Armed with this information, the teacher can incorporate several aspects of interest into a child’s daily life at school. This will help the child feel comfortable at school.

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3. Visit Children at School

7 Ways to Overcome Shy Children at School to Be More Confident

Possible Parents cannot visit children at school every day, but this method is considered able to reduce children’s insecurity while there.

Parents can make regular visits to schools. Or at least try to be the one to pick up the kids at school and make it a routine so they look forward to seeing faces Parents after school.

4. Involve children in school activities so they are not shy about socializing

shy child

Children are like sponges in the early school years, so it is important for them to keep learning new things. When a child is constantly engaged and stimulated in his development while at school, there is a greater chance that he will be able to let go of the anchor of shame that holds him back.

5. Praise Children’s Achievements

7 Ways to Overcome Shy Children at School to Be More Confident

No matter how much a child has achieved, Parents You need to ensure that you give your child adequate credit for his efforts. This way can help children understand that every achievement is something to be proud of.

This method can also encourage children to do more and do better. When children are fully engrossed in an activity, they tend to be less shy.

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6. Overcoming shy children at school by listening to their complaints

shy kid at school

Children need to know that they can talk about anything with both parents. Parents must be able to “prepare” and “give” an ear for children when they want to tell stories, including about their days at school.

With the information the child shares with Parents, making you more aware of the challenges and frustrations your child faces. After that, Parents You can talk to your little one’s teacher at school to make things easier.

7. Give Guidance so Children Don’t Be Shy at School

7 Ways to Overcome Shy Children at School to Be More Confident

Give your child the attention and guidance he needs to thrive in the classroom. When the child does well in class, it can help the child become more confident.

Over time, children begin to understand how much value they can bring to any topic, activity or discussion at school, and children begin to participate more in class. This way allows children to be more expressive, more open to new ideas and experiences, and less shy.

ParentsHere are seven ways that you can do so that your child will no longer be a shy and quiet person at school. If your little one is still shy about getting along at school though Parents have made a variety of efforts earlier, do not hesitate to immediately consult a psychologist or expert.


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