8 Artists who have been widowed for a long time after failing in marriage

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Ariel Noah.  (Instagram/@arielnoah)

Having experienced failure in marriage, this series of artists still feels at home as a widower.

Yoeni Syafitri Sekar Come on

Tuesday, 05 October 2021 | 06:30 WIB

1NEWS – Deciding to separate from a married couple makes this series of artists have the status of a widower. Even some Indonesian artists choose to remain widowed for a long time. Even though they have handsome faces and promising careers. So to find a mate, of course there are many women who are willing to queue.

Their decision to be a widower is not impossible because they still want to be alone after experiencing failure in their household. But maybe also because they are more comfortable with their current status.

Old widower artist. (Instagram/@arielnoah)

Even though they have been widowed for a long time, they are still happy and enjoying their lives. So, are there any artists who have been widowed for a long time after their divorce? In order not to be more curious, just take a look at the following list.

1. Ariel NOAH

Ariel Noah.  (Instagram/@arielnoah)
Old widower artist. (Instagram/@arielnoah)

The cool widower is the nickname that Ariel NOAH bore after his divorce from Sarah Amalia in 2008. Luna Maya’s ex-lover is still at home with her single status. Even so, he is still active in music. If you count, Ariel NOAH has been a widower for about 13 years, you know. Wow, that’s a long time.

2. Vicky Nitinegoro

Vicky Nitinegoro (MataMata.com/Herwanto)
Old widower artist (1NEWS/Herwanto)

Actor and presenter Vicky Nitinegoro has also been widowed for more than 10 years after his divorce from Cynthia Ramlan. Even though he’s been alone for a long time, Vicky still feels at home as a widower. He also holds the title of a cool widower since 2009.

3. Samuel Rizal

Samuel Rizal.  (Instagram/@samuelrizal1)
Old widower artist (Instagram/@samuelrizal1)

The star of Eiffel I’m in Love, Samuel Rizal has also been a widower for a long time. He officially holds the status of a widower after divorcing in 2016. Samuel is divorced from his wife Stevianne Agneycia. Their marriage is actually blessed with a child. Unfortunately their household only lasted for about 4 years.

4. Sahrul Gunawan

Sahrul Gunawan (Instagram/sahrulgunawanofficial)
Old widower artist (Instagram/sahrulgunawanofficial)

After divorcing his wife Indriani Hadi in 2016, Sahrul still feels at home as a widower. However, the Deputy Regent of Bandung was once reported to be looking for a potential wife. But until now the actor and singer who is now entering the world of politics is still alone.

5. Nicky Tirta

Nicky Tirta (Instagram/@nickytirta)
Old widower artist (Instagram/@nickytirta)

Nicky Tirta divorced from Liza Elly in 2018. They have been married for six years and have a child. However, the two remained firmly divorced. Nicky Tirta who has a cute face is also still at home as a widower. He is now pursuing his hobby as a chef.

6. Zack Lee

Zack Lee.  (Suara.com/Wahyu Tri Laksono)
Old widower artist. (Suara.com/Wahyu Tri Laksono)

After divorcing from Nafa Urbach in 2017, Zack Lee still lives as a widower until now. Even though they have separated, Zack Lee and Nafa Urbach still have good communication with each other.

7. Stuart Collin

Stuart Collin [Yuliani/Matamata.com]
Old widower artist [Yuliani/Matamata.com]

The mulatto actor Stuart Collin is also still at home as a widower after his divorce from Risty Tagor in 2016. His handsome face also earned Stuart Collin the title of a cool widower.

8. Gading Marten

Gading Marten (Instagram/@gadiiing)
Old widower artist (Instagram/@gadiiing)

Presenter Gading Marten is also still at home as a widower after separating from Gisella in 2019. The father of Gempita Nora Marten was indeed reportedly close to several female artists. However, until now Gading Marten still feels at home alone.

Having failed in marriage, making a number of male artists still feel at home as a widower. Even though they are widowers, they are cool widowers who still enjoy their lives. What do you think?

Contributor: Safitri Yulikhah


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