8 Types of Durian That Makes You Drool. It’s not just scallops with thick meat and small seeds

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Durian fruit is one type of fruit that has many fans even though it has a pungent aroma and skin full of thorns. This fruit, dubbed the ‘king of fruit’, is easy to find in Indonesia, but durian can only be enjoyed during the harvest season arrive. Therefore, do not be surprised if the price is relatively expensive compared to other fruits.

Because durian can thrive in Indonesia, there are many types of durian that grow in this tropical country. Starting from the most expensive type of durian to the local durian type. Hipwee have collected 8 kinds of durian that you can try as a durian lover, what are they?

1. The type of durian montong must be familiar to your ears. The size of this durian can reach 6 to 10 kilograms. Very big, huh?

Durian montong | Photo by Najib Zamri via Pixabay

The type of durian that is already familiar is the montong durian. This type of durian includes fast fruiting and large in size. There are various sizes of montong durians that reach 6 to 10 kilograms per fruit. With a thick and sweet flesh, this durian is very delicious enjoyed by durian lovers.

2. The civet king durian from Malaysia is also popular in Indonesia. The yellow color of the turmeric flesh makes this type of durian different from others

Durian weasel king | Credit: Mohd Hafizuddin Husin via Flickr

The civet king durian is a type of durian from Malaysia. This durian has a different color from other types, namely a yellow color like turmeric. The taste of the Musang King durian flesh is dominantly sweet with a bit of bitterness which makes it very popular. The thick flesh and thin and small seeds make durian fans satisfied when eating it.

3. Red durian is a typical durian in Banyuwangi, the seeds are small, the flesh is thick and sweet. No mainstream here’s the color

red durian | Credit: LDyou2 [CC BY-SA 4.0s] via Wikimedia

If we usually find durian types and their yellow characteristics, this durian is different. This superior type of durian from Banyuwangi has red flesh. Red durian seeds are smaller and the flesh is thick and sweet. Although the size is smaller than other durians, there is no color difference in the skin of the fruit.

4. Rainbow durian is a type of durian that is the result of the marriage of yellow durian, red durian, and white durian. The name is rainbow!

Rainbow durian | Credit: Hippopx

One of the best types of durian in Indonesia is the rainbow durian. This type of durian has a color combination of orange, yellow, and white in the flesh. Rainbow durian is the result of cross-breeding between 3 types of durian, namely red durian, yellow durian, and white durian.

5. Durian bawor is commonly found in Kalimantan. This type is a cross between Musang King durian and montong durian

Durian bawor | Credit: Shreyans Bhansali via Flickr

Durian bawor is a type of durian produced by the marriage of durian civet king and durian montong. This durian is a type of durian native to Kalimantan. The taste is sweet and legit, the meat is soft and thick. When ripe, this type of durian fruit weighs an average of 6 to 9 kilograms, it can even reach 15 kilograms. This durian also tastes sweet even though it is not too ripe.

6. Copper durian has thick flesh, is not sticky, and is legit. This durian is an original variety from Indonesia

Copper Durian | Credit: najibzamri via Pixabay

Copper durian has the characteristics of thick flesh, not sticky, and has a legit taste. This type of durian is not so different from other types of durian. The weight of this fruit reaches 2 to 3.5 kilograms per grain. There are still a lot of durian markets in the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

7. Mimang durian comes from Banjarnegara. The flesh is golden and thick, and the contents are like metal chips

Durian mimang | Credit: Pxhere

Durian si Mimang is a type of durian native to Banjarnegara. This durian has thick golden flesh and the seeds are deflated like metal chips. This durian has a sweet taste, slightly fibrous texture, and low water content. The small size of the fruit makes this durian suitable to be eaten alone.

8. Sun durian is a variety from Bogor, West Java. The flesh of the fruit is bright yellow like the sun

Sun durian | Credit: Choo Yut Shing via Flickr

The sun durian is a durian variety from Bogor, West Java. Its bright yellow flesh color makes it dubbed the sun durian. The flesh of the fruit is thick, sweet, and tends to be dry. This type of durian is also a type that is easy to cultivate, disease resistant, and does not require complicated care.

Wow, very tempting, huh? Those are the eight types of durian that you can enjoy as a durian lover. Of all of them, which type of durian have you tried? SoHip?

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