9 Facts about Aryan Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s Son Who Was Trapped in Drug Cases | 1NEWS

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Dreams – The name Shahrukh Khan as the King of Bollywood is already very popular all over the world. His brilliant career and still exists today, making Shahrukh Khan idolized by many people of all ages.

Because of his popularity, Shahrukh Khan has always been in the public spotlight, including his family. Since marrying Gauri Chibber in 1991, now Shahrukh has three children, one of which is Aryan Khan.

But the bad news came from Shahrukh Khan’s son related to drug abuse. This has also caused a stir in the public because Aryan Khan has not been in the spotlight as much as his father. Now Aryan has been secured by the authorities for examination and interrogation.

For those of you who are curious about the figure of Aryan Khan, here are some facts as summarized by Dream via Kapanlagi.com and Instagram @__aryan__.

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