Ahead of Indonesia’s Match, Taiwan Coach and Four Players Sentenced for Drunkenness

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“It’s not just alcohol consumption that’s a problem, but there are other things that are more serious.”

1NEWS – Good news to greet the Indonesian national team when they will undergo the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification play-off versus Taiwan. The Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) decided to punish the five members of the squad that will compete, consisting of one coach and four players.

As scheduled, Taiwan will face Indonesia twice in Buriram, Thailand. The first match took place Thursday (7/10/2021) and the second duel was held five days later.

Facing a theoretically better opponent, Taiwan was rocked by internal problems. The CTFA decided to punish Tawian coach Henry Von alias Vom Ca-nhum and dismiss four players for violating the Covid-19 protocol by going to bars to drink alcohol until they were drunk. They were Chen Hao-wei, Pai Shao-yu, Mr. Hsuan, and Yu Chia-huang.

The CTFA said they met last week to review investigations into reports that players had flouted disease prevention regulations twice on the same day in August and once in September.

They discovered that on August 21, 2021, Chen, Pai, and Tuan allegedly went out drinking at a bar without permission. Meanwhile, the previous day Yu, Lee Hsiang-wei, and Lin Ming-wei went out of the training camp without the team’s permission to buy alcohol.

Then, on the evening of September 11, 2021, Yu, Chen, Pai, Tuan, and Lin allegedly went out to drink until they were drunk. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up for the team’s breakfast meeting the next day.

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The CTFA said it was suspending Von’s position as coach after an investigation found that as the person in charge, he did not report three incidents when his players violated Corona Virus health protocols to go out drinking and crowding in public places.

For the time being, Von and four of his players will be left in Taipei when other squad members fly to the Land of the White Elephant on Sunday (3/10/2021). Assistant coach, Yeh Hsien-chung, will serve as caretaker against Shin Tae-yong’s squad.

CTFA also said that it fined Chen, Pai, and Tuan with 30,000 Taiwan Dollars (Rp 15 million). Then, Yu with 10,000 Taiwan Dollars (Rp 5 million). Meanwhile, Lee and Lin were only given a stern warning.

However, Von denied the CTFA’s claim. He said the accusations were baseless. He also accused internal conflicts and personal sentiments by accusing the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the CTFA, Fang Ching-jen, of harming his team with the sudden sentence.

“I just received notification today that the CTFA has sacked four key players in the team, as well as suspended me. That Fang made such an outrageous move before an international match is beyond comprehension. It has hurt the whole team, and I strongly condemn that decision,” Von said. to the Taipei Times.

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