Ahmad Dhani Supports Widows, Mulan Jameela: Half Dead, Almost Suffered

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1NEWS, Mulan Jameela admitted that her husband, Ahmad Dhani, is now experiencing economic difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially when he has to be responsible for paying for the widows who were victims of their youngest child, Dul Jaelani.

Mulan as a wife said that her husband’s income or income only comes from the entertainment world, such as singing and being a judge on music contest shows.

“Yes WL It’s part of the responsibility. The current situation is almost evenly distributed, yes, the effects of this pandemic will affect everyone,” said Mulan Jameela in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, Monday (4/10/2021).

Mulan Jameela said that the pandemic had made her husband’s income difficult.

“My husband’s majority of his income happens to be from the entertainment world. Yes, the term is half-dead, almost suspended animation, right, due to the pandemic,” he said.

As a wife, Mulan Jameela also admitted that she was obliged to support the obligations her husband had promised to the victim’s family.

“Mas Dhani has an obligation that he has promised, even though the incident has happened a long time ago since 2013 (the Dul accident). As a wife, I certainly support and pray completely extraordinary,” added Mulan Jameela.

Mulan, who is now a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives, asked Ahmad Dhani not to be responsible for paying for the widow who lost her husband in an accident.

“This, Mas Dhani, must not let go, he is responsible, he must carry out his responsibilities. And of course we are both praying, Hopefully the pandemic will pass quickly,” he said.


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