Bun, This Is What You Will Inherit to Your Little One Genetically

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ACCURATE.CO There are some children whose faces resemble their mother or father. In addition to DNA, each gene from parents inherits several things. For example, such as physical form, nature, expression, posture, illness to academic ability.

However, what fathers and mothers pass on to their children is not the same, you know. Even though a mother is pregnant with her little one for 9 months, not all things are passed down by mothers to their children.

What did your little one inherit from your mother? The following is a list compiled from various sources.

Hair color

The first gene that is passed from mother to child is hair color. More than 20 genes from the mother play a role in controlling the protein to form the color of the little one’s hair, you know.

In addition to hair color, you can also pass down genes that play a role in causing baldness. But keep in mind, baldness is not only due to genes but also influenced by environmental factors and health factors.

Sleep Style

In addition to hair, Mother also lowers her sleeping style on the Little One. So, if you see your little one sleeping on his back, on his stomach or curled up while snoring, don’t be surprised, Mother.

Eating habit


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