Different from Rizky Billar’s confession, his adoptive father actually said that Lesti Kejora had never been married in a Siri

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The polemic of the marriage of Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora is still ongoing. Netizens claimed to have found several irregularities in the marriage of Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora.

In addition, Rizky Billar also did not reveal the details of his serial marriage with Lesti Kejora which made netizens even more doubtful.

Rizky Billar had announced that he had married in an unregistered marriage, but Lesti Kejora’s adoptive father, Ade, said the opposite.

Viewed by MindRakyat-Tasikmalaya.com from the Intense Investigation YouTube channel on Saturday, October 2, 2021, Lesti Kejora’s adoptive father gave a statement.

Now Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar are said to have lied to the public, but he doesn’t think it’s like that.

“Dede (Lesti Kejora) wants to have an unregistered marriage first, so that the official wedding ceremony took too long,” said Ade.

He also revealed that in fact Lesti Kejora had never been married in a serial manner by Rizky Billar so far.

“In the past, I said that I wanted to have an unregistered marriage first, so that it was under the hands, not an unregistered marriage, there was no unregistered marriage, meaning under the control of the hand,” said Lesti Kejora’s adoptive father.

As for the timing, the confessions of Lesti Kejora’s adoptive father and Rizky Billar are the same, namely at the beginning of the year.

“In fact, if the marriage is under the hands, there is no report to the KUA, but the meaning is not published,” explained Lesti Kejora’s adoptive father.

“So netizens don’t know for sure, the risk is like that,” continued Rizky Billar’s father-in-law.

He also admitted that he was surprised that the problem was reported by Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar.

Not wanting his daughter’s problem to drag on, Lesti Kejora’s adoptive father hoped that everything would be over quickly.

Previously, Lesti Kejora’s father, Endang Mulyana, said that his daughter’s decision to marry in an unregistered marriage was to avoid sin.

This was done because Lesti Kejora Rizky Billar often worked together until he came home late at night.

The celebration broadcast on TV stations, he said, was a presentation for fans of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar.

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