Finally, Aurel Hermansyah revealed the actual gestational age of Lesti Kejora

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Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora.  Photo: Instagram

After announcing their serial marriage to the public, Lesti Kejora’s gestational age has indeed become a lot of questions for netizens. Many guessed that Lesti’s gestational age was based on the size of her stomach and counted the months of their serial marriage.

Well, recently Aurel Hermansyah finally revealed Lesti’s gestational age. He said that Rizky Billar’s wife had entered the 6th month of pregnancy.

“Sis Paula looks like she’s about to give birth, then Sis Gigi is 8 months old. How much is Lesti? 5 or 6 months. Then if I, now 5 months. So that was the birth of all I was the last, because I was the smallest,” he said, quoted from the Popular Celebrity YouTube channel on Monday (4/10/21).

In a vlog uploaded on his personal YouTube channel, Aurel Hermansyah also gave a message to Lesti Kejora not to care about netizen comments and other people’s opinions.

“Anyway, it’s a message from me, you don’t have to read it, one, Instagram, you don’t have to read comments, read all kinds of things, you don’t have to listen to what people say, cover your ears. Because if the person is pregnant, if for example we are stressed, it’s a pity babyIt’s so stressful too,” he said.

Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora. Photo: Instagram

Lesti and Rizky Billar’s response when they found out they were pregnant

The dancer Lesti Kejora recounts the early days of her pregnancy. When she first found out that she was pregnant, Lesti Kejora admitted that she was both happy and worried because she was not legally married. However, Lesti is grateful that she was quickly blessed with a child at the beginning of her marriage.

“I’m happy, but it’s really mixed up, Sis, because at that time, Dedek was still not married at KUA. So when I found out, ‘Mashaallah, Alhamdulillah, it was given quickly. Very happy. Right before Dedek told Brother, ‘Well, how are you?’ But yes, on the one hand, Alhamdulillah, Allah gave him trust so quickly,” he said, quoted from Aurelie Hermansyah’s YouTube channel on Sunday, (3/10/21).

In line with that, Rizky Billar was also very happy when he found out that Lesti Kejora was pregnant. He even asked Lesti to be more selective in choosing a job. Billar also had time to cry when he heard the happy news, “Then finally Dedek said to Brother, Brother was even happier. Crying, he immediately hugged Grandfather.”

Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora.  Photo: YouTube
Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora. Photo: YouTube

Now, Lesti also focuses on maintaining her womb and is even more selective in sorting out the work she has to do.

“Lastly, Dede offered a job to stripping, continued to say brother ‘Not yet, if stripping‘. But even then he didn’t say anything like ‘You can’t!’ My sister just asked me, ‘How are you? Do you want (filming)? But if it’s from you, you don’t actually allow it,” he said.

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