Hater Calls Yebin HE Doesn’t Deserve To Be His Friend, Here’s IU’s Response! | Kpop Chart

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Recently, Yebin, who is a member of the girl group DIA, received malicious comments from haters on his personal Instagram.

The comment was sent via Yebin’s old post which was uploaded on December 2, 2018, containing a video of Yebin singing IU’s song ‘Between the Lips’, which was sent by user cookbook9595,

“You know IU gave TWICE’s Nayeon a present? Only famous people get love from IU. It’s not you Yebin.. be aware.. you look pathetic..”, write in the comments column.

But Yebin replied to the comment casually and replied, “It’s okay, because I love her~” which apparently also responded by IU with her Instagram account, dlwlrma, sending a purple thumb and heart emoticon for Yebin’s answer.

Fans also rebuked haters who were hiding behind fake accounts in the comments column of Yebin’s post. (1NEWS)

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