Hijab Artist Who Loves Sports, from Ayudia to Oki Setiana Dewi

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hijab artist who likes sports

Hijab does not prevent these artists from exercising and doing many other healthy activities. Oki Setiana Dewi, Ayudia Bing Slamet, Zee Zee Shahab, to Ria Ricis are a row of hijab-wearing artists who like sports. They also still look stylish in hijab while doing the sport.

Here is a row of hijabi artists who like sports who stay stylish while doing this healthy activity. Take a peek, come on!

Zee Zee Shahab, Hijab Artist Who Loves Sports

A row of hijabi artists whose first hobby is sports is Zee Zee Shahab. Rarely appearing on the small screen does not mean that Zee Zee stops sharing his activities in cyberspace. The artist whose full name is Fauziah Shahab initially had a career as a model, then continued as an Indonesian actor and singer.

The actress of Arab and Betawi descent started her career in the entertainment world from singing in 1996. The wife of Prabu Revolution is now active in sports. Zee Zee often shares his photos while running.

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Ayudia Bing Slamet

6 Hijab Artists Who Love Sports: From Bicycles to Horse Riding

Just like Zee Zee Shahab, Ayudia is also included in a row of hijab-wearing artists who love sports, namely running. Apart from running, Ayudia and her husband Ditto also enjoy cycling with their only son, Dia Sekala Bumi. Ayudia, through her Instagram caption @ayudiac, also admitted that she has included sports as one of her daily activities.

“After entering the second year of incorporating exercise schedules into daily life~ now let’s wish you a Happy National Sports Day. Mens Sana in Corpore Sano! There is a strong soul in a strong body! @dittopercussion,” Ayudia wrote in commemoration National Sports Day some time ago.

Running is indeed done by many artists because it is the easiest sport and can be done at any time. In addition, running has various benefits for the body. Such as strengthening leg muscles, increasing stamina, burning excess calories, and improving memory.

Ditto Percussion’s wife is indeed active in sports. He also has a private gym in his home.

Ria Ricis

hijab artist who likes sports

The YouTuber who recently got engaged to Teuku Ryan, Ria Ricis also likes extreme sports, namely swimming in the sea and diving. This hijab-wearing artist who likes extreme sports often uploads her photos while swimming with fish in the sea, and she even uploads photos swimming next to sharks, stingrays, and nemo fish.

Ricis also admitted that in an interview after his engagement with Teuku Ryan, he and Ryan had the same hobby, namely diving and swimming in the sea, so they found a match. Hijab did not prevent Ria Ricis from exploring the ocean.

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Oki Setiana Dewi, Hijab Artist Who Loves Sports

hijab artist who likes sports

Not only Ria Ricis, it turns out that her sister, Oki Setiana Dewi, also likes an unusual sport, namely horse riding. In his Instagram upload, Oki Setiana Dewi admits that she has only tried horse riding twice, but intends to keep doing it.

“Sports make me happy, don’t you think? This is my second time riding horses, I pray that I can istiqomah with riding, hehe. What sports do you like here? Why? Please share… maybe I can try a new sport,” wrote Oki Setiana Dewi.

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Alyssa Soebandono

6 Hijab Artists Who Love Sports: From Bicycles to Horse Riding

The actress, who is familiarly called Icha Soebandono, also has a hobby of sports with her husband, Dude Herlino. In some of her Instagram uploads, Icha does badminton, basketball, running, and light sports with her children and husband.

Icha and Dude often do sports at their residence which has a large yard, so it is very suitable for sports together.

Dian Ayu Lestari

hijab artist who likes sports

Ananda Omesh’s wife, Dian Ayu Lestari secretly has a hobby of cycling in the midst of her hobby of riding or riding a big motorbike. Dian Ayu uploaded her photo while cycling while inviting her followers to cycle more, rather than shopping.

“What bike team are you guys? Whatever the bike, don’t forget to do more sports than shopping,” wrote Dian Ayu.

This mother of two children, besides having a hobby of cycling, also likes to ride a big motorbike or motorbike with her husband, Omesh. Dian Ayu still looks stylish with hijab, both when cycling and riding her favorite motorbikes.

That was a list of hijab-wearing artists whose hobbies are exemplary. Parents Also don’t forget to exercise regularly, okay?

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