Holiday to Turkey, Celebrity Assistant Lula Lahfah Can’t Return to Indonesia

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Celebrity Assistant Lula Lahfah Cannot Return to Indonesia.  (doc.Instagram)

1NEWS – Lula Lahfah has just returned from her holiday in Turkey. He is not only alone, but with his girlfriend, Daffa Leonard, and also his friend, Oxy. Lula also brought her only assistant, Arra. A man who faithfully accompanies Lula and has jokes that often make Lula’s followers get excited about his behavior.

Before going on vacation to Turkey, Lula had left her pet, Mikasa, at her parents’ place on September 23. And on September 25, Lula uploaded two photos already in Turkey. After traveling around Turkey together, Lula, Daffa, Oxy and Arra intend to return to Jakarta on October 1, 2021.

But when they arrived at the airport, something surprising and unpleasant happened to Arra. Unilaterally, the ticket that had been purchased by Arra was simply canceled from the Etihad side. This not only happened to Arra, but many Indonesians were also canceled without prior notification.

Celebrity Assistant Lula Lahfah Cannot Return to Indonesia. (doc.Instagram)

Reportedly, the flight will be rescheduled for October 15. This is because the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation issued a new regulation on September 29, 2021 regarding Restrictions on the Number of Coming Passengers and International Flight Data Reporting at Soekarno Hatta Airport.

Normally, the passenger capacity reaches 400. But suddenly it was changed to only 90 people. This provision made Arra’s and other Indonesian citizens’ tickets just cancelled. Arra himself admitted that he was very disadvantaged because of the time and money that had to be spent until October 15.

The ticket price per person, which was originally around 22 million rupiah, has now reached 76 million rupiah. So for now only Arra and Oxy are still surviving in Turkey, fortunately Lula and Daffa are in the 90 passenger capacity that can fly at that time.

But the beautiful celebgram who has 2 million followers on Instagram also helps Arra in financial and support. Lula has also tried to contact her travel agent. Currently they are just waiting for an answer from the relevant parties regarding the next flight schedule.

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