Hotma Sitompul attacks Hotman Paris using a photo of a girl in a bikini: No shame

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The feud between two well-known Indonesian lawyers is still heating up. Hotma Sitompul’s complaint against Hotman Paris regarding the violation of the code of ethics was rejected. Now, the ex-Samson Bams stepfather is showing off an intimate photo of his rival with a woman.

Hotman Paris is known to often take pictures with beautiful women. Hotma Sitompul used it as a ‘weapon’. In the photo, Hotman is seen hugging a woman wearing a bikini in a swimming pool.

Hotma Sitompul calls Hotman Paris shameless

Hotma revealed this regarding the decision of the Peradi panel of judges which was considered unfair because it rejected his complaint in April 2021. “Later, yes, that’s all. It doesn’t have to be used as evidence, the assembly was blind to see his content (Hotman Paris with women)?” he said, quoted from 1NEWS, Monday, October 4, 2021.

Desiree Tarigan’s husband also gave a scathing comment, “Talk to people who don’t know customs, don’t know respect, don’t know shame, don’t have religion, why do we treat people like that.”

His lawyer, Tommy Sitohang added, “I wonder why Hotman Paris’ wife is not surprised by her behavior. Pathetic wife like that, what’s wrong. He should repent,” he added.

Hotma Sitompul shows a photo of Hotman Paris and a woman. Photo:

Hotman Paris does not violate the code of ethics

Previously, Hotman Paris was reported to the Honorary Council of the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) by Hotma Sitompul’s legal team. The reason is that Hotman as Desiree Tarigan’s attorney is suspected of having violated the professional code of ethics. Because Hotman was accused of opening the disgrace of Desiree and Hotma’s household to the media.

Hotman Paris was decided not to violate the professional code of ethics by the Jakarta Peradi Honorary Council (DK) panel of judges. “One, receiving a complaint from the complainant’s brother. Two stated the complaint from the complainant DR. Hotma Sitompul is not proven. Three stated that the defendant DR Hotman Paris SH, MHum was not proven to have violated the advocate’s code of ethics,” said Jack Rudolf Sidabutar, chairman of the Jakarta Peradi panel of judges, when reading the verdict.

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