It turns out that this is Gerindra’s consideration of agreeing to the 15th general election…

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1NEWS – Gerindra agreed that the general election would be held on May 15. The Daily Chairperson of the Gerindra Party DPP Sufmi Dasco Ahmad revealed the reason.

He said there was a big consideration for agreeing to the election discourse initiated by the government.

“The consideration is greater on efficiency,” said Dasco at the Indonesian House of Representatives, Monday (4/10).

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According to Dasco, being close and not too far away can save time and money.

“There’s nothing more than that,” he said.

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However, this has not yet been decided by other factions.

“‘I received information that the matter has not been decided because there is still tug of war between the factions, the KPU and the government,” Dasco explained.

However, Gerindra has decided to agree to the discourse.

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