Italy and Racism, FIGC President: Racist Fans Are Stupid People

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“Strictly, the president of the FIGC will carry out an investigation”

1NEWS – President of the Italian Football Federation or FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio), Gabriele Gravina spoke about the problem of racism that often occurs in stadiums during Italian League matches.

On Monday (10/04/2021), Gravina as the president of the FIGC was present at the inauguration of the new VAR room in Lissone and the former man who was born in the city of Castellaneta mentioned many things in his statement.

“Everything is channeled and transferred and we take this opportunity to give this central referee,” Gravina told TMW.

“Italy was one of the first in the world to launch a technology idea, both with VAR and with Goal Line Technology.”

“We are models and we want to spread this message, we are not afraid of innovation, without taking the judge’s judgment.”

When asked about the fans’ return to the stadium after almost a year, the 67-year-old revealed that he is now enjoying the moment immensely.

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“I’m excited, coming back to life in the stadium and enjoying watching the game is important,” he continued.

“There’s still a small percentage that I hope can arrive quickly, but I’m happy. It will soon reach 75 per cent, the clubs are starting to get more revenue, even if what was lost cannot be recovered.”

“It’s no coincidence that we asked the government to come up with an industrial plan to contain costs. We want rules that represent a useful tool for solving problems.”

However, the return of the club’s fans to the stadium does not always bring something pleasant, especially for Kalidou Koulibaly who has just been a victim of racial abuse when Napoli traveled to Fiorentina headquarters last Sunday (03/10/2021).

“Culturally stupid people are idiots,” said Gravina.

“Not because of the call. We are trying to think of stricter rules, but the problem is education.”

“An investigation has been opened, we will see. If the modern stadium will be used avoid problems? We are trying to push for modernization across the country, also for the financial statements of various clubs.”

Then related to Italy who are preparing to face Spain in the UEFA Nations League semifinals, Gravina hopes that Roberto Mancini’s team can win the match.

“The national team have made their mark, they don’t live for the final result but to play and have fun,” Gravina added.

“We care about this competition in a certain way, we know Spanish football, it will be an intense and spectacular game. We hope to win like in the European Cup.”

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