It’s Not Legal to Be a Millennial Mother If You Don’t Know These 5 Things. Come on, take advantage and learn!

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Discussing about the lives of millennials is indeed endless. This is because the character of the millennial generation is considered different from the next generations. Even those who are born as millennial children are already married. They already have the status of young parents with small children. To be sure, they have a unique way of educating their children.

Launching from Motherly, millennial parents tend not to be silent and always look for other activities. With the internet, they can find out anything. Especially when they become new parents, these millennial mothers will find out anything, especially about parenting. As a millennial mother who is definitely digitally literate, you must know various current information.

1. There is an application to monitor the development of children. Moms can download it for free on the App Store or on the Play Store

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As a millennial mother, you definitely like surfing the internet. With an application to monitor children’s growth and development, it will certainly be very easy. How to use it is also easy, namely by filling in the child’s data. Some applications to monitor children’s development are Father and Mother Smart, Primaku, MommyChi, Apikuan, Baby Care Plus and many more.

2.Instagram account that discusses pregnancy and parenting. It can be easily learned and applied to children

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Having no experience in educating children is not a scary thing. Moms can find out through an Instagram account whose content discusses children’s growth and development that can be used as a reference. Most millennial mothers will find out what they need about parenting from trusted accounts.

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3. There is a community of young mothers which is definitely fun to do share many things about parenting and others

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It’s not the millennial generation if you don’t take advantage of existing technology. The reason is that many young mothers have a community by creating groups whose contents are about sharing many things. The existence of this community among young mothers also reduces the level of stress experienced by mothers in educating their children. Feels like you have friends who share the same fate as Moms.

4. Many children’s games are able to hone children’s intelligence from an early age. Today’s parents must be active so that children grow up to be impressive individuals

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Despite being an inexperienced new parent, millennial mothers are always active in finding out about the right parenting for their children. Guaranteed, parenting matters become a priority. After all, now there are many applications that can hone children’s intelligence, for example drawing pads, sensory play and much more.

5. Many articles that discuss pregnancy, parenting and others. Being a millennial parent must be actively seeking information!

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Don’t claim to be a millennial mother, if you want to do anything for your child, you have to find information first. This is common because millennial mothers are digitally literate. What makes him doubt will be pulled down to the roots. Now there are also many articles that discuss about parenting. So, no need to be confused about what to do. The important thing is that we are active, Moms!

Millennial mothers do have a different parenting style from the past. Although it is considered that there is not much experience in educating children, but with the help of the latest information obtained from the internet, it will make it easier to educate and raise children to become extraordinary individuals. Hopefully useful, yes!

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