Jerome Polin Puts Up Billboard for Both Parents

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Jerome Polin

If all this time billboards used to place advertisements brand product, now available billboards which touches the hearts of Indonesian people. Billboard it was installed by Jerome Polin Sijabat.

Influencers young Jerome Polin made a unique surprise for his parents, namely through billboards. In billboards he apologized to both parents.

Not to be missed, Jerome also stated that he really missed mom and dad. The reason is, indeed for 2 years Jerome has not been able to return to the country.

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Contents of the Billboards that Jerome Polin Put up for Both Parents

Jerome apologized for not being able to return to Indonesia.

Jerome is currently studying in Sakura Country, Japan. He got a scholarship full at Japan’s Waseda University. Because he has not been able to return to Indonesia for 2 years, Jerome feels guilty to both parents.

“Hello Mommy and Daddy! Must be surprised, huh, see this? Haha. Sorry, yes, Jerome hasn’t been able to go home since 2 years ago. Really miss. So, we’ll see you on October 5th, okay? 80% of the preparations have been completed, here, wait, yes, Pa, Ma!” said Jerome which he conveyed in billboards.

Jerome Polin Thanks Parents

Jerome Polin

Jerome felt lucky to have both parents like his mama and papa.

“I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years in Japan, and soon I’ll be graduating. Thank you very much, yes, Papa Mama’s support and prayers. Jerome is very lucky to be at this point, it can’t be separated from Papa Mama’s support and prayers.

Jerome is very lucky to be Papa and Mama’s child, Jerome promises to always make you happy and proud. Stay healthy, yes, Pa, Ma! Great Soul!Jerome wrote.

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Jerome’s Parents’ Second Response

Jerome Polin

Jerome managed to make both parents shocked to the point of getting goosebumps.

Jerome Polin’s parents did not expect that their son would install billboards big for him. They really feel touched, even to the point of getting goosebumps, lo, Bun.

“Wouw really surprised, goosebumps touched,” said the father.

startle really, really…” said Mama Jerome.

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Getting Praise from Warganet

Give a Unique Surprise to Parents, Jerome Polin Puts Up Billboard Saying Thank You

Many netizens and even public figures gave a positive response to Jerome Polin.

Action Jerome install billboards for both parents got a lot of positive responses from warganet. Because, not many young people think of conveying their feelings to their parents through billboards.

Moreover, the writing on billboards can be read by the general public. It is also known that if billboards installed in two big cities, namely Surabaya and Jakarta.

Very touched, hurry back here, bro,” commented the celebrity celebrity Turah Parthayana.

My mother’s soul is auto mellow,” said celebrity @dorippu in the comments column of Jerome’s upload.

Expressing apologies and thanks to both parents can indeed be done in any way, be it direct speech or through an intermediary, as Jerome Polin did. However, the most important thing is our sincerity when conveying those feelings.

Well, for the action from Jerome Polin that arrived indeed billboards for both parents, it’s okay, here, Parents we give thumbs up! Hopefully Jerome can meet his parents and family soon.


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