Manager reveals Tukul Arowana’s current condition: Started physiotherapy

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Hit Arowana.  Photo: Instagram @tukul.arwanaofficial

Comedian Tukul Arwana’s condition is said to be getting better after the operation. The manager said that Tukul Arowana had started the physiotherapy process. Therefore, Tukul has been transferred from the ICU to the inpatient room.

“Thank God the physiotherapy process has started,” said the manager of Tukul Arwana, Rizki Kimon at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON Hospital), East Jakarta, recently met by the Hops network, Matamata.

Rizki Kimon said, the comedian who is also a presenter must undergo physiotherapy every day. This is because to train the body to the sound of Tukul.

“Physiotherapy is done every day, because this is really him being treated in an extraordinary, intensive manner, with the national brain center hospital,” he continued.

Before the news of physiotherapy was reported, it was reported that Tukul Arowana’s condition gradually improved so that he could be transferred from the ICU to the inpatient room.

Hit Arowana. Photo: Instagram @tukul.arwanaofficial

“For now, tonight is the process of moving the ICU room to VVIP,” said Rizki Kimon, Thursday (30/9/2021).

“So, thank God, because his condition is getting better, the doctor has allowed him to go to the VIP inpatient room,” he said.

Causes Arowana Tukul experience brain bleeding

Doctors at the PON Hospital revealed Tukul’s condition when he was rushed there. Doctor Sardiana Salam said that his party received Tukul in a condition of hypertension.

“When we received the patient in a condition of hypertension. About 200 blood pressures were detected,” said doctor Sardiana Salam through a virtual press conference, Monday, September 27, 2021.

He further said that this condition is prone to blockage and rupture of blood vessels.

“When we did a complete examination, there was extensive bleeding. Most likely it is a spontaneous bleeding response due to hypertension,” he added.

Tukul photo: Special
Hammer. Photo: Special

Upon examination, the team of doctors concluded that Tukul had a cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertension.

“It is possible that the risk factors that cause stroke. This bleeding is hypertension,” said doctor Sardiana.

Based on the information from the manager of Tukul Arwana, it is known that the comedian rarely does medical check-ups so that hypertension is not detected. This turned out to be the cause of the 57-year-old comedian’s condition as it is today.

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