Not “tekdung” first, these are 6 reasons why women get pregnant quickly after marriage

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Just got married last month, how come you’re already pregnant!

Looking at the marriage of Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar, which is still a public discussion, it’s exciting to talk about pregnancy, which can happen quickly after a few months of marriage. This is closely related to the fertile period, especially for women. According to research, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant after having sex without contraception is around 15-25%.

In general, people who lack knowledge about pregnancy calculations often think that getting pregnant immediately after a few days of marriage is considered pregnant first. Most of them assume that the count of getting pregnant is from the date of their marriage. that they don’t get the wrong idea, here Mamin wants to tell you why women get pregnant quickly after marriage.

1.Women will quickly experience pregnancy because of optimal fertility. For that, it is important to always live a healthy life from now on

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A woman’s healthy lifestyle will also affect her fertility. Women who have a chance to get pregnant more quickly after marriage usually always run a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly and getting enough nutritious food that affects fertility.

2. Have sex during the fertile period so that the chances of getting pregnant will be greater. Avoid using contraceptives or condoms

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For couples who want to have children immediately, they tend to choose to have sex when women are in their fertile period. For that, it is very important to know the fertile period so that the fertilization process is also right.

3. Regularly have sex with a position that allows a quick chance of getting pregnant. Position also determines the occurrence of pregnancy, lo!

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Position during sex can also affect the occurrence of pregnancy. Based on the results of studies by scientists, the style of making love with certain positions is able to provide deep penetration so that the chances of getting pregnant are also greater.

4. Good quality sperm so fertilization also occurs quickly. Sperm that are healthy and have a large number are able to perfectly fertilize the uterus

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Men also have to maintain the quality and quantity of sperm by quitting smoking, reducing alcohol and meeting nutritional needs. A healthy lifestyle is also important for newly married couples to quickly get offspring.

5. Perform regular health checks. It is mandatory for couples who want to get pregnant quickly to consult a doctor

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Women who get pregnant faster after marriage also have previous health checks. That way it will be easy to detect the presence of certain disease disorders. Couples who do not have problems with reproduction will also have a faster chance of getting pregnant.

6. Good stress management also has a great chance of getting pregnant fast

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When having sex, you should relax and let go of the burdens that make married couples feel depressed. Those who get pregnant quickly are those who always enjoy every moment with their partner. No wonder a new partner who is not stressed has the opportunity to get pregnant quickly.

Deciding to have a baby right away or postponing it first is the decision of every couple. Getting pregnant quickly after marriage also doesn’t mean “stealth”. Maybe the reason is as Mamin explained above. It is important for newly married couples to know the fertile period so as not to be surprised why the first time they have sex directly “so”.

After all, there are many cases of husbands who do not believe it is their child because the date of marriage and gestational age differ greatly. Some even think it’s not a prospective baby. Hopefully there will be no more accusations that think “tekdung” first before getting married. Hope it’s useful, Moms!

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