Pandawa Beach Bali, Beautiful Tourist Destinations in South Kuta

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Peek at Pandawa Beach, a Tourist Destination with Beautiful Views in Bali

If you visit Bali, the main tourist destination is of course beautiful beaches. In Bali itself there are many beaches with their own unique charms, one of which is the Pandawa Beach Bali which is now very popular.

Beaches in Bali are not only Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, or Seminyak. There are many other beautiful beaches that we can explore on the Island of the Gods, such as Pandawa Beach. Where is Pandawa Beach Bali located and what is there in Pandawa Beach Bali? Check out the following review.

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Where is Bali’s Pandawa Beach Located?

Source: Jakarta Newspaper

Pandawa Beach Bali is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. The location of Pandawa Beach itself is a little hidden because it is located behind hills and cliffs. Therefore, Pandawa Beach has the nickname ‘The Secret Beach’ or ‘Secret Beach’ because of its hidden location.

Compared to other famous beaches in Bali, Pandawa Beach tends to be cleaner and the atmosphere is calmer. Since 2012, the access road to this beach has been opened to the public and Pandawa Beach is increasingly popular and crowded with visitors.

Quoting from Balipedia, the distance of Pandawa Beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport is about 18 km. from the airport, Parents can go directly to Jalan Goa Gong Jimbaran and drive for 1 hour.

While the distance from downtown Denpasar is about 27 km. To be able to go to Pandawa Beach, Parents and families must use a car via the Bali Mandara toll road.

Parents can use private vehicles, rental or rental cars, or taxis. The road to this beach is rather steep and is flanked by two steep rock cliffs.

Unfortunately there is still no public transportation that goes directly to this beautiful beach.

Pandawa Beach is open every day, from morning to evening. The entrance ticket to Pandawa Beach is Rp. 8,000 per adult and Rp. 4,000 per child, car park is Rp. 5,000 per car, then motorbike parking is Rp. 2,000 per motorbike.

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7 Exciting Activities to Do at Bali’s Pandawa Beach

Then what’s on the Pandawa Beach Bali? The beach, which was originally a former stone mining, has several choices of interesting activities that are fun to do with the family, which are as follows.

1. Visit the Panca Pandavas Patung

Bali Pandawa Beach

Source: Mongabay

The main attraction of this beach is the five statues of the Pandawa knights placed between the walls of the limestone cliffs. The statues are Arjuna, Bima, Yudhisthira, Nakula, and Sahadeva. Not far from these five statues there is also a statue of Dewi Kunti who according to legend is the mother of the five Pandavas.

The statues were carved by native Balinese artists. Each is about five meters high and overlooks the beach. These five statues can be visited as well as a place to take pictures.

2. See the Indian Ocean View

Bali Pandawa Beach

Source: tempo

A very beautiful view will welcome Parents and family when they first visited Pandawa Beach. The view is the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and the stunning white sand coastline.

3. Relax at Pandawa SPA by the Beach

Peek at Pandawa Beach, a Tourist Destination with Beautiful Views in Bali

Source: Water Sports Bali

One of the interesting places to visit on Pandawa Beach is Pandawa SPA which is located on the beach.

Instead of enjoying a relaxing massage indoors, at Pandawa SPA Parents can rest while having a massage on the beach. There are several beds lined up on the beach sand.

The services offered include traditional Balinese massage, Shiatsu, foot reflexology, to manicure & pedicure. The price itself varies from IDR 40,000 to IDR 130,000 per person.

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4. Rent a canoe

Peek at Pandawa Beach, a Tourist Destination with Beautiful Views in Bali

Source: Tiketcom

Parents and children can also rent a canoe to sail the sea. For single canoes the rental price is IDR 25,000 per person for 1 hour and for double canoes IDR 50,000 per two people for 1 hour. Don’t forget to also rent a life jacket or life jacket to be safe.

5. Seaweed Cultivation Educational Tour

Peek at Pandawa Beach, a Tourist Destination with Beautiful Views in Bali

Source: Seconds

There are also educational tours that must be visited on Pandawa Beach, namely seaweed cultivation. You can find this place on the west side of the beach. Parents can try to follow the seaweed cultivation process with local farmers.

6. Play Paragliding

Peek at Pandawa Beach, a Tourist Destination with Beautiful Views in Bali

Source: Bali Paragliding

Heading to Timbis Hill, there is an exciting activity of paragliding or paragliding where Parents can see the beauty of the beach from above. To be able to play paragliding, Parents need to prepare money for paragliding rentals starting from IDR 400,000.

7. Surfing and Swimming

Peek at Pandawa Beach, a Tourist Destination with Beautiful Views in Bali

Source: Keep Traveling

Parents and families can also surf and swim at Pandawa Beach. Usually this beach is visited by professional surfers around October to April because the waves are big. However, if you are a beginner in surfing, choose a time from March to November because the waves tend to be friendlier.

Pandawa Beach Bali can be a choice of tourist destination if you visit the Island of the Gods. What Parents Interested in visiting Pandawa Beach?

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