Portrait of Haru, this old transport worker still trying to work even though his body is weak and shaking – 1NEWS

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A video shows a portrait of an old porter who works as a hauler on a ship. He seemed to be trying to lift things in one go.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram account, actually.sulsel, it appears an old man who makes a living by being a laborer transporting passenger goods on a ship.

The man, who is thought to be more than 60 years old, was seen carrying the luggage of passengers who had just arrived at their destination.

Seen in the video, the passenger’s luggage that the porter will carry is quite large, with 1 medium-sized suitcase.

He carried 2 things by tying them up and draping them over his right shoulder, while he carried his suitcase over his shoulder.

After carrying the 3 items, the owner of the goods, who was none other than a woman, asked the porter to bring one more item.

Due to difficulty, the porter then lowered the goods he had transported earlier, and then rearranged it so that he could carry the four of them.

The porter then tied the suitcase with other items so that they could be carried together.

Internet cafes that saw the video gave various comments. Many of them seemed annoyed with the owner of the goods, not a few also prayed for the porter so that his sustenance would be launched.

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