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Donuts are still one of the favorite snacks of many people. His creations continue to grow from time to time. Not only in terms of the increasingly diverse toppings, the texture of the donuts also offers many choices, such as potato donuts which are so crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Interestingly, even now the donut shape is not only hollow in the middle. There is also a typical Italian dead-end donut called bombolini. This trending donut is no less delicious to eat.

It’s just that, its large size, sometimes makes eating these donuts full quickly. In fact, I want to try a variety of other flavors. Fortunately, bombolini and mini donuts are also trending now, which are practically devoured and fit to be used as hampers too.

So, if you could choose, are you the bombolini team or mini donuts? Learn about each uniqueness, so that it is more stable to tether your heart.

Tempting Look©

Both bombolini and mini donuts both have a tempting appearance. Most of the bombolini are sprinkled with powdered sugar, which enhances the sweetness of the filling. Meanwhile, only certain donuts are sprinkled with powdered sugar. However, even without a sprinkling of powdered sugar, the various flavors and colors of the donut toppings are no less appetizing.

Soft Texture©

In terms of texture, mini donuts tend to be crispier on the outside, but when you bite into them they are soft on the inside. Even more so if this mini donut includes potato donuts. While the texture of the bombolini is usually softer from the first bite. In fact, even if stored for a long time, bombolini usually does not harden easily.

First Bite Sensation©

In donuts, the sweet taste of the topping is immediately felt in the mouth on the first bite. The flavors are then mixed together when chewed. Meanwhile, when you eat bombolini, you will feel the sweet taste of powdered sugar first. Only then when chewed, like there is an ‘explosion’ in the mouth from the various flavors stored in it.

In the end, whether you want to choose the Bombolini team or the mini donuts, both are delicious. Because, the delicacy of both can be tasted alternately, without having to choose them first. Moreover, with the size that fits in the mouth, bombolini and mini donuts increase the enthusiasm to eat them, without having to bother holding them for long.

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