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Brian and Zoe Jackson’s Love Singing Duet, A Wife’s Diary Player, Makes Baper

Dream – The main characters in the soap opera Diary of a Wife, Cinta Brian and Zoe Jackson made netizens lulled when they performed a duet. These two rising young soap operas appeared at the 2021 Infotainment Awards event held by SCTV last weekend.

Both of them sing a duet song Cintaku which was popularized by the late Chrisye. The appearance of Cinta Brian and Zoe Jackson, who looked romantic in their mellow song, made the audience and invited guests get carried away (Baper).

Shanice Margaretha’s ‘Naluri Hati’ performance at the 2021 Infotainment Awards

The moment was uploaded on the official Instagram account of A Wife’s Diary by showing a video of Brian’s and Zoe Jackson’s love looking at each other intimately when singing on stage.

Brian and Zoe Jackson's Love Performance© Brian and Zoe Jackson’s Love Performance

Not only good looking, #Dewana’s voice is also really good. Hey, who’s smiling to himself seeing the appearance of Dewa and Nana earlier?” video caption quoted by Dream from diaryanseorangistri.sctv, Wednesday 29 September 2021.

Suddenly the video footage was immediately flooded with comments from netizens. Many are excited to see Brian’s and Zoe Jackson’s duet moment.

very complete, lovezoe. embracing gaze. basically the best, their appearance is really bad,” wrote the account @hello_cinta_zoe.

“Aaaa CinZoe is really excited to see you guys,” wrote the account @zalfa_40.

“Immune-boosting couple…. because when I’m MengUwu, you make yourself smile,” wrote the account @endang.kusrini19.

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