Revealing Jonathan Frizzy’s affair, Dhena Devanka: I already know the pattern

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1NEWSDhena Devanka sued for divorce from her husband, Jonathan Frizzy or Ijonk, to the South Jakarta Religious Court. Dhena revealed that her husband’s infidelity was the cause of the dispute, leading to a divorce. This is stated in the material of the lawsuit.

“One of my lawsuits was indeed a dispute, the quarrel was indeed due to an alleged affair,” said Dhena Devanka to reporters recently.

The celebrity with three children accused Jonathan Frizzy Dhena revealed that her husband had an affair with a woman who had a husband.

“Actually, friends, this is not the first incident, so in 2019 it was also the first time, with a woman who is also someone else’s wife,” explained Dhena Devanka.

Dhena Devanka’s suspicions about her husband’s infidelity because she can read Ijonk’s behavior. Dhena guessed that Ijonk often didn’t come home on weekends and chose to be with other women.

“So sometimes I already know the pattern, on Thursday, he makes a fuss, so that Friday, Saturday, Sunday he doesn’t come home. Later Monday he comes home, suddenly he calls and says don’t ask me to talk and discuss anything, for me, oh well,” said Dhena. Devanka.

“I’ll follow it during 2020 until 2021, I’ll follow it, because I’m a lazy person, because I think that’s for the sake of the children,” added Dhena Devanka.

However, Ijonk’s habit of rarely coming home on weekends has long raised suspicions. “After a long time I got tired too. Moreover, I was treated unfairly, rudely in various ways, words, on WhatsApp as well as what language,” said Dhena Devanka.

Because he was tired and felt wronged, Dhena Devanka finally exposed all the disgrace of his household with a Jonathan Frizzy to the public.

“So for me, I’m tired of covering it up, it’s like a household disgrace that shouldn’t be opened to the public. Now I don’t want to keep it anymore,” concluded Dhena Devanka.


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