Sirajuddin Answers Divorce Issues with Zaskia Gotik: My Heaven’s Angel!

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Zaskia Gothic's upload [Instagram/@zaskia_gotix]

Through Instagram, Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang shared a harmonious portrait of his family.

Yoeni Syafitri Sekar Ayoe | Dea Dezellynda Madya Ratri

Monday, 04 October 2021 | 19:18 WIB

1NEWS – The marriage of the dancer Zaskia Gotik and Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang is reportedly broken. The rumor started when Zaskia had not posted a photo of her husband on Instagram.

The slanted rumors have been dismissed by Zaskia herself. This time it was Sirajuddin’s turn who seemed to have confirmed that his marriage to the owner of the rocking duck was fine.

Zaskia Gothic’s upload [Instagram/@zaskia_gotix]

Through Instagram, the successful entrepreneur shared a harmonious portrait of his family.

He was accompanied by Zaskia and her two daughters posing in the garden with shady trees. “My heavenly angel,” wrote Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang.

Sirajuddin Mahmoed's post (
Sirajuddin Mahmud’s post (

Netizens immediately flooded the comments column. Netizens pray for the lovebirds to always last in their marriage.

“That means the news is a lie, yes, it was reported that her husband did not go home,” wrote netizens. “It’s really a hoax, people are okay. I hope it’s samawa, sir, and the gothic lady,” said another.

Zaskia Gotik and Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang (Instagram/@zaskia_gotix)
Zaskia Gotik and Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang (Instagram/@zaskia_gotix)

“Alhamdulillah, it’s sad to hear the news out there telling you that you want to separate, hopefully your household will last until Jannah,,, Amen, God,” said the netizen.

Zaskia Gotik married Sirajuddin Mahmud in a serial manner in 2020. Shortly after officially married they were blessed with a beautiful daughter.


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