Suzzanna’s closet is dismantled after 13 years of being closed, the contents are shocking

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Suzzanna’s husband, Clift Sangra, reveals the contents of Suzzanna’s closet. Clift Sangra said that he still keeps all of Suzzanna’s personal belongings since his wife’s departure 13 years ago.

At that moment, Clift Sangra showed Suzzanna’s room, which witnessed the actress breath her last.

Launching a video uploaded by Trans TV Official and Insert Investigation, Clift opened up something that the public probably didn’t know about.

The mattress in Suzzanna’s room looked so neat. Some of the kebayas that Suzzanna often wears also hang on the walls of the room. “These are the remains of my mother (Suzzanna).

There is a bed, a chair where the mother sits when she prays. I still have these clothes,” said Clift.

Then, it was time for Clift to show the contents of a cupboard that supposedly hadn’t been opened in 13 years.

“This is my mother’s bag that my mother often uses when she goes out. This is the perfume and powder that my mother used to use.

I still keep. Not many people know about this, I just opened it, but the cupboard next to it can’t be opened. Maybe it’s clothes,” Clift explained in detail.

Suzzanna’s full name is Suzzanna Martha Frederika van Osch. Suzzanna died at the age of 66 on October 15, 2008.

Suzzanna is an Indonesian horror film star who worked in the silver screen from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The woman with the title “Queen of Indonesian Horror Films” is famous for her hot and mystical films,

such as Breathing in the Mud (1970), the legendary film Beranak Dalam Grave (1971), Pulau Cinta (1978), and Queen of the Dark Arts (1981).

His career started when he won the “Three Dara” contest and was auditioned by Usmar Ismail.

Suzzanna, who earned the nickname The Next Indriati Iskak, won an award through Dormitory Dara,

including The Best Child Actress (Asian Film Festival, Tokyo, 1960), and the Golden Harvest Award.

She also won the title of Most Popular Actress in Asia at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in Seoul in 1972.

Suzzanna is married to actor Dicky Suprapto and has two children,

namely Ari Adrianus and Kiki Maria. Kiki Maria also followed in her mother’s footsteps into the world of the stage. While Ari Adrianus has died in 1977.

After separating, Suzzanna lives with Clift Sangra. They had an adopted son, Rama Yohanes.

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