Talking about peace on the Korean Peninsula, China teases the US: Don’t just talk!

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Flags of China and United States of America.  Photo: NIICE Nepal

The Korean peninsula is one of the most vulnerable places for conflict to break out. This is because North and South Korea are technically still at war. In addition, North Korean relations with the United States that do not get along also add to the heat of the peninsula. China has also highlighted this.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying also urged the United States to show sincerity and a realistic plan for dialogue with North Korea. In addition, China also urges America not to always shout empty slogans when it comes to peace on the Korean Peninsula.

“Under the current circumstances, the key to breaking the stalemate on the Korean Peninsula and restarting dialogue is, the US must respond and seriously address North Korea’s concerns,” Hua said at a press conference taken from the Global Times, Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

It is known, North Korea is pessimistic about the call for peace that is always echoed if the United States does not change its ‘hostile’ policy towards the country. This was what Hua Chunying asked Uncle Sam to take seriously.

Flags of China and United States of America. Photo: NIICE Nepal

Hua also reiterated that the US should not just talk about the empty slogan of peace dialogue, but should also show sincerity and create realistic peace dialogue proposals.

In addition, Hua also said that the reverse provisions of the UN Security Council resolution related to North Korea must be implemented immediately, and some adjustments should be made. Especially regarding the humanity and livelihoods of the North Korean people.

“This will help restart peninsula dialogue and maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula,” Hua said.

“As a close neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, China has always supported the two Koreas to enhance relations and advance reconciliation and cooperation through dialogue and consultation. We hope that the relevant measures will play a positive role in enhancing and developing North-South relations.”

North Korea on peace call: It’s useless if the US doesn’t change

Previously, the South Korean president called for the two Koreas – North and South – with the US and China to make peace calls.

However, North Korea says peace calls are futile and premature, as there is no guarantee that it will lead the US to withdraw its hostile policy towards Pyongyang.

Flags of North Korea and United States of America.  Photo: Norway News
Flags of North Korea and United States of America. Photo: Norway News

“Nothing will change as long as the political situation around North Korea remains unchanged and the US hostile policy is not changed, despite the cessation of war being declared hundreds of times,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Ri Thae Song.

“US withdrawal from double standards and hostile policies is a top priority in stabilizing the Korean peninsula situation and ensuring peace on it,” Thae Song continued.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, separately said that North Korea is ready to discuss a peace agreement with South Korea, as long as South Korea has an attitude of respect and does not take sides with anyone.

“I think only when impartiality and mutual respect can be maintained, will there be smooth understanding between North and South,” said Kim Yo Jong.

“I feel that the South Korean public mood of wanting to restore inter-Korean relations from the deadlock and achieve peaceful stability as soon as possible is very strong. We also have the same desire,” he added.

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