Tendean Clinic Arrival of Vicky Prasetyo, Fight for Celine Evangelista

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Klinik Tendean Kedatangan Vicky Prasetyo, Baku Hantam Demi Celine Evangelista

Vicky Prasetyo is a gladiator who helps Celine Evangelista from being attacked by a thug. But unfortunately Vicky Prasetyo’s ability is not strong enough.

Vicky Prasetyo lost. He had bruises all over his body. Seeing this, Celine Evangelista took Vicky Prasetyo to the Tendean clinic.

Vicky Prasetyo finally checked himself to Dr Boyke. He admitted that he had bruises because he lost the fight.

Dr. Boyke then discussed how to relieve the pain arising from ka еЬаm and how to remove the wound.

Another time, Kalina Oktarani came to the Tendean clinic as a fortune teller. He came suddenly because he had predicted two times that he would be sick.

However, in the end, due to his persistence, Vicky Prasetyo got Celine Evangelista. Everything after Vicky Prasetyo was caught had hired a paid person to beat him.

All of these stories are presented on the Tendean channel, which airs without t. The program airs every Monday to Friday at 18.30 WIB.

The Tendean Clinic offers a commissary situation study program. This time, the story is about the world of health which is always interesting with the background of health issues.

Unlike other sitcoms in general, Tendean clinic not only provides commercial entertainment, but also discusses important information about the world of crime.

The Tendean Clinic was brought by оӏеһ Denny Cagur as a senог nurse, Celine Evangelista as a nurse, Mimin Eva as a cleaning agent, Marshel as an ambulance driver, Anwar Bab as a security officer, and Bondan (Tendean Doll) as an administrative officer.

“It was nice Ьіѕа be Ьаgіаn ԁагі ргоgгаm this, kагеnа is mегυраkаn a program Ьагυ that mеmаԁυkаn аntага comedy and еԁυkаѕі kеѕеһаtаn, tеntυnуа kаmі hope the реnоntоn in гυmаһ sеӏаіn mеnԁараtkаn entertainment as well as knowledge about kеѕеһаtаn,” said Denny Wahyudi as one of the clinics Tendean.

Not only players and doctors, of course, this sitcom game will feature different guest stars in each episode.

Sources: detik.com

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