The fate of Ronaldo’s luxury car, queuing for 6 hours can’t get a drop of fuel

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Ronaldo Car

The energy crisis that occurred in the UK had an impact on the supply of fuel oil. Uniquely, the luxury car that was known to belong to Cristiano Ronaldo failed to get fuel at a gas station in one of the British cities.

The luxury car belonging to the Portuguese football star is known to not get gas. Although it is known that the Bentley car being driven by the driver without Ronaldo has been in line for quite a long time.

Ronaldo’s driver, as quoted by The Sun, was known to be one of the cars waiting in line to fill up fuel at a Shell gas station. Bentley car worth 220 thousand pounds, or equivalent to Rp. 4.28 billion must be resigned to running out of gas.

Ronaldo Car Photo: middle east

Even though the Shell gas station is only a few miles from Ronaldo’s house which is quite luxurious in England. It was later discovered that Bentley was not the only one who had to queue to fill up gas.

Some of Ronaldo’s luxury cars are also known to have to queue to fill gas. Like a Range Rover being driven by one of his home security officers.

It is known that cars in the UK are currently experiencing difficulty in fuel supply, even if there is a gas station that has fuel in stock, they have to queue for a very long time.

Ronaldo's car at the gas station
Ronaldo’s car at a gas station Photo: USA Mail

Car owners are known to have to be willing to wait in line for up to six hours to be able to get fuel. Even the experience of Ronaldo’s car drivers had to go home until 21.00 without getting a drop of fuel.

Ronaldo’s driver remained patient and eager to wait even though it was raining. He waited for the tank to arrive while sipping the coffee he bought at the shop.

“Even with Ronaldo’s money, he is in the same place as us (in line),” said the source.

So did the security team who waited for hours. They hoped the tanker would come.

The energy crisis in the UK is caused by a number of factors, namely the rise of activity in post-Covid-19 China.

As a result, the current price of energy commodities in the global market is increasing in line with the increasing demand from countries in Asia and Europe that are experiencing winter.

Ronaldo’s house in Turin. Photo: The Sun

Currently, gas prices in the UK have more than quadrupled from last 2020, 180 cents from around 40 cents. In the last month alone, gas prices in the UK have risen 70 percent.

China’s high recovery activity led the country to send more tankers and led to fewer shipments to Europe from countries like Qatar.

As a result, Europe is currently so short of gas that the flow of gas pipelines to Europe from Russia fails to cover the shortage.

Russian gas company Gazprom refuses to increase its exports to Europe, causing gas prices in the UK to increase.

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