The moment Everton failed to win Man United by holding a draw

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“The result that helped Man City win the Premier League.”

1NEWS – In Manchester United’s last match in the Premier League stage this season, the Red Devils were held to a 1-1 draw with Everton. But, long before that, The Toffees had very often made it difficult for Man United when they met on the field.

In this regard, we will recall the moment that occurred on April 22, 2012, precisely when Man United was still being coached by Sir Alex Ferguson. Man United were not just hard to beat, they were a formidable club at the time.

Meanwhile, Everton is coached by David Moyes, who has been at Goodison Park since 2002. The Scottish coach has rebuilt a solid team, which brought Everton from the brink of relegation to play regularly on the European stage.

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At that time, Everton had not won at Old Trafford in the last 20 years. Tough game. And, it proved as Everton trailed 4-2 with just ten minutes of time remaining.

However, with that little time, Everton did the unexpected. They made a comeback that seems to be unforgettable for the rest of their lives, either for Everton as a club or as individual players.

Everton didn’t just draw 4-4 with two superb equalisers. With these results, Everton have also prevented or rather thwarted Man United to lift the Premier League trophy.

At that time the Premier League had entered the final weeks of the competition with only 3 to 4 matches aside. The draw changed the map for the title race.

Man United collected 83 points from 35 matches. At that time, they were five points ahead of Manchester City who still had one game left to play.

And, Man City, who is in second place, played the rest of the match with perfect points. While the Red Devils played inconsistently.

The two clubs also met in Week 37, where Man City won 1-0 over Man United. In the last match, the two clubs were only goal difference, and against QPR, the tense match finally belonged to Man City, through Sergio Aguero’s iconic goal in the last minute. That goal made The Citizens seal the title for Roberto Mancini’s team.

Process Occurrence Score 4-4

The rain of goals at Old Trafford started with the action of Nikica Jelavic who brought Everton ahead in the 32nd minute. However, Man United did not remain silent. A few minutes later, a cross from Nani was headed in by Wayne Rooney to ensure the balance at halftime.

Man United appeared all-out at the beginning of the second half. Danny Welbeck beat former Man United goalkeeper Tim Howard with an unstoppable curling shot in the 57th minute.

Amazingly, three minutes later, Nani scored the third goal for Man United. Goals that brought Rooney et al even more superior. Unfortunately, the Red Devils were caught off guard until Everton had time to reply through Marouane Fellaini.

The chase score was inevitable, especially after Rooney’s second goal changed the score to 4-2 for Man United’s advantage.

Behind two goals, Everton continued to struggle. In the last ten minutes, they were able to equalize each through hard shots from Jelavic and Steven Pienaar.

(mochamad rahmatul haq/yul)

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