The moment Kai Rooney scores 4 goals for Man United U-12 vs Liverpool U-12

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“Although there is still a long way to go, Kai shows the abilities his father had in the past.”

1NEWS – The legendary proverb says: “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”. That’s the perfect picture for Wayne Rooney and his son, Kai Rooney, who is only 11 years old.

Married to Coleen McLoughlin, Rooney has four sons. They are Kai Wayne Rooney who was born on 2 November 2009. Then, Klay Anthony Rooney (21 May 2013), Kit Joseph Rooney (24 January 2016), and Cass Mac Rooney (15 February 2018).

Like his father, Kai also decided to like football. In fact, Rooney’s first child has joined the Manchester United Academy in 2020 and is now included in the Under-12 squad.

Well, not long ago, social media was shocked with Kai’s post about his success in scoring four goals in the U-12 MU match against Liverpool U-12. Despite producing a quattrick, Kai failed to bring his team to win. Because, MU U-12 lost 4-5 to Liverpool U-12.

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Even though he lost, Kai still expressed his happy feelings on Instagram, which was also managed by his father and mother. The talented young man regularly documents the development of his new career at a young age.

Kai himself joined the Red Devils in December last year. In an upload he appears to have signed a contract accompanied by his parents. “Proud day. Kai signed a contract with Man Utd. Keep working hard son,” wrote Rooney senior at the time.

Rooney is currently the coach of Championship Division club Derby County. He is the top scorer in MU history with 253 goals. And, Wazza’s ability seems to be followed by Kai as well. That’s because he scored a hat-trick of MU U-11’s 6-3 win against Stoke City U-11 in May 2021.

So, it’s only a matter of time before a footballer will appear on a bigger stage with a jersey that reads Rooney.

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