Timo Werner will be released by Chelsea, Atletico Madrid are ready to accept

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1NEWS – Timo Werner is one of Chelsea’s attacking players. The 25-year-old is a German striker who has extraordinary abilities and has become one of Chelsea’s most important strikers. Werner was recently also one of the goalscorers alongside Romelu Lukaku and earned the player recognition by the manager.

Werner has just shown his talent in attack and made Chelsea club top of the standings in the Premier League. Werner’s contribution made Chelsea 3-1 ahead of Southampton. However, Timo Werner’s excellent ability did not make Chelsea want to keep the player and instead wanted to let him go.

Chelsea ready to let go

Timo Werner showed a very good contribution in the last game and showed that he deserves to be in Chelsea. Timo Werner’s first-half goal was disallowed by the referee for committing a foul. The referee’s decision certainly disappointed Chelsea, both from the players, including the manager. Protests have even been carried out but were unable to shake the referee’s decision.

But the disappointment was able to be paid for by Timo Werner by scoring a very good goal when Chelsea were in the same position as the opposing team. The goal even received praise from Tuchel as the manager because it was considered a very fantastic goal. Werner’s position when scoring the goal was very precise which resulted in a very good goal.

The 25-year-old player became a player who was very feared because he was able to release 6 shots against Soton and 4 of them were on target. Timo Werner was even named Man Of The Match in that match. Werner’s vote was 54.1% higher than Azpi.

Timo Werner’s achievements in that match may still not be able to shake Chelsea who want to release the 25-year-old player. The manager’s disappointment in Werner’s previous game made Thomas Tuchel want a new, more competent striker. The presence of Romelu Lukaku is also considered not enough to strengthen Chelsea’s attack line.

The contract that expires at the end of the season makes the news of the departure of Timo Werner who just shined even stronger. Several names have been linked to be a replacement for the striker at the end of this season. The certainty of Timo Werner’s departure is still a question mark because there has been no definite decision from the Blues.

Targeted by Atlético Madrid

Timo Werner presented an outstanding performance with Chelsea in the matches he participated in. Many times his goal was thwarted by VAR never made the German player despair. Werner continues to show his ability to score goals and make several clubs want the striker to join his club.

Timo Werner’s contract is confirmed to expire at the end of this season. There is still no certainty about a contract extension, so many speculate that Timo Werner will leave. Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech are likely to fall victim to Thomas Tuchel’s desire to sign a new striker.

Atletico Madrid is one of the club names who are rumored to be ready to accept the striker if he really leaves Chelsea. The club’s desire to bring Werner has even been in the transfer market last season. The decision to stay at Chelsea made the Spanish club disappointed and postponed his desire.

Atlético Madrid indeed are looking for talented young players who can be signed long term at the club. The player is planned to be used to replace Luis Suarez. Atlético Madrid’s choice fell to Timo Werner, the new Chelsea star who has just shown his extraordinary talent. Werner’s difficulties when he debuted with Chelsea did not reduce Atletico Madrid’s interest in the player.

Timo Werner is not only wanted by Atletico Madrid. Several German clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are also reported to want the striker and are ready to compete with Atletico Madrid in the upcoming transfer market. Bayern have reportedly even started monitoring the player from Chelsea.

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