Tips for Creating a Korean Look with Ombre Lips by Beauty Influencers

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1NEWS – Not only drama or music, Korean-style makeup is currently being loved. Light makeup, as minimal as possible, but looks fresh and shiny like Korean artists are the mecca of beauty enthusiasts and teenagers in general. In addition to having healthy skin, supporting cosmetics affect the appearance of your makeup. One of them that should not be left behind to create the hallmark of Korean makeup is lip tint.

Many Korean girls prefer lip tint as a lip color, because the lips are naturally red. Unlike lipstick, lip tint is more fluid and lighter. It is not dense and contains oil like lipstick. The color display is also more transparent, giving a natural impression. For those who are just learning makeup, lip tints are also easier to use. The applicator is more convenient. And because it’s lighter, it’s perfect for everyday styles.

As of September 28, 2021, Colorkey is here at Shopee and Tokopedia, a lip tint that supports your Korean Look, long lasting, pigmented, with a light formula, and most importantly, the price is very affordable. “For the formula, I really like it. Because it doesn’t dry out your lips and makes it easy to blend. The colors also vary. Some are light to dark and can be layered, plus it’s easy to make ombre using this lip tint,” said Chelsya Laurent, a beauty influencer and content creator who often carries Korean look makeup.

Colorkey offers a variety of colors. Consists of 4 variants that can be adjusted to your character and personality. So, it’s time! “Unlock your beauty” with Pop, Sugar, Velvet, and Puffy colors. Pop gives a bright red look for you who are cheerful and active. Velvet, presenting a peach color look for you who are cool and girly. Sugar, gives a terracotta color appearance for those of you who want to look edgy. Puffy, complete your look with a beautiful and elegant pink color.

“The lip tint is super light weight, airy feels. Watery, not drying. Easily blends into the skin of the lips. It’s like I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything,” explained Elika Boen, a content creator and beauty influencer with 260,000 followers. These beauty influencers also love to apply the ombre technique with lip tint. This style is still a favorite, because it gives an adorable impression. How to do? The technique is not very difficult. Follow these tips!

• Use Lip Balm
First, you need to apply lip balm all over the lips. The lip balm here functions to moisturize the lips so they don’t crack and crack when they are polished with lip tint. Lip balm can also make lips healthier and well-groomed.

• Use Concealer
After applying lip balm, apply a thin layer of concealer. The concealer here works to fade lip lines. Give a little concealer to the lips so that the base color of the lips looks the same as the base color of the facial skin. By correcting this lip line, the lips will appear smaller and thinner.

• Apply Lip Tint on the Inside 1/3 of Lips
Lip tint is a magic thing that can make your ombre lips look flawless. Apply lip tint on the inner 1/3 of the lips. Use a darker color on the inside of the lips to give a deep impression and create the illusion of thinner lips.

• Create Gradations
Then make color gradations by tapping gently on the outside of the lips using your fingers to make it look natural. To smooth out the gradient, you can smooth it out with your finger or press the top and bottom lips a few times.


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